Who do you like more, Puff Guo or Lee Da Hae?

To celebrate the 2014 World Cup, we’re featuring a celebrity bracket where users will choose their favorite drama celebrity! Each week, the winner will move on to the next round.

This week the match up is Puff Guo vs. Lee Da Hae. Which drama leading lady do you choose? Cast your vote here and let us know!

i would prefer Puff Guo, because i was watching Just You, probably a few months ago, then inborn pair caught my eye, watch all them episodes, and i realize that was the same chick from Just You, i did not really notice till the last minute (because im a tad bit stoopid) but i really like the characters that she played so far, i find her to be super adorable, but i like her acting more in inborn pair more than Just You

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I like Lee Da Hae best. Hotel king Fighting

Lee Da Hae, just because I watch 2 of her dramas and I liked both of them.