Who's a Viki ambassador?

So I got selected as a Viki ambassador, which means I’m able to chat in the Viber Chat group.
I wanted to know who was an ambassador too, to see who I’m going to be talking to. Tell me~

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I didn’t sign on the Viber as there is the kakaotalk german chat for projects and another for just chatting plus each drama group. I hear there is also a hangout group for vikichat or something. Plus discussions here and time just runs away… hope it’s good :wink:

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So how you are getting on as Viki ambassador @itsjoo? Is it worth applying? Does it take up alot of your time?

I like it :slight_smile:

Great. I think I will apply!

Can you still apply though? Because I know that it was a limited 100 people who were chosen…

Ooops…oh well. Next time…thanks for replying.