Why are moderator positions of on-air dramas taken so quickly?

Could someone answer a question?
Every time I want to be a moderator of some drama that will premiere, there is already a moderator! How does it work? Is there any list you see the dramas that are going to debut? Or these people are fast? I always had this doubt. lol

There are languages that have a lot of volunteers, so it wouldn’t surprise me. I would say keep an eye for upcoming dramas,just google it, or start following http://www.dramabeans.com/ or other websites like it.
Find out who the manager of the channel is going to be and if it is not on viki yet, you can request to viki to be a moderator or manager. Also I have seen some managers do like to work with the same moderators if they have proven to be good. So there are some volunteers that work a lot as a group. So once you get to finally be a moderator, work hard, and you might to do it again in the future with the same manager .
Another thing, is that some channel managers do not like newbies, so if you have no experience it gets more difficult. Maybe build up experience with dramas that are not very requested or that are old.
Good luck!

If it’s one of the popular languages, yes, these people are super quick, they haunt the Channel Managers’ proposed channels and book their place even before the Channel Manager gets the channel or the show gets the licence. It’s a rat race, my friend.
(By the way, the title of this thread is not descriptive at all! It could be about anything here at viki! You may want to edit it, making it more precise so that interested people can enter and reply?)

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I’m also gaining experience in other older dramas. I hope in the future to be able to participate in dramas in Premiere. :blush:

Is that I couldn’t think of anything specific so I put what came in first. I will think of something. :sweat:

Hmmm… Let me try my hand at this, and see if it can inspire you:

“Why are moderator positions of on-air dramas taken so quickly?”
“Why is it so difficult to put the foot in the door as a moderator of on air-dramas?”
“How to become a moderator of an on-air drama when positions are taken months earlier?”
“How much earlier must I apply for a moderator position of an upcoming drama?”

Well, or it’s the other way around too. Sometimes a CM will know a moderator has experience and want to hire them to fill a position even before the drama is licensed.

And in addition, there are folks who regularly work a certain type of drama, or with a certain team that’s about. On air can move VERY fast in some cases, certainly Chinese Drama, you can get 4 episodes that all need to be done - sometimes every DAY for the drama.

Moderation isn’t the easiest job on many dramas, it really requires you stay involved in the project - so the ones who do it well do make a name. :slight_smile:

But that applies to all types of volunteer work here. :slight_smile:

Sometimes they will hire more than one moderator for a language - you can ask too. :slight_smile:

I can say that as a CM, right now the dramas I have really need experience in all the types of work - because they aren’t easy to translate, segment, edit, or well, moderate. :slight_smile: Moderators both hire and serve the subtitlers in my way of thinking in helping to ease the path - and organize, along with working with the fans too in some ways. On a drama with challenging language or other factors, it’s critical to get someone who does it well.

So continue to gain experience, talk to moderators on the dramas you want to work on, and you will likely see your way in. Make your chance count :).

pax vobiscum. (back to making my word good)

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Yes, of course you’re right, it certainly often is the other way around. Especially for the main languages.
But the O.P. was asking from the point of view of someone who is new here and is trying to get his/her foot in the door, that’s why I focused on that part.

You’re good! I will use the first. :smile:

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I can also say that it is not easy to moderate a drama, as you said, the person needs is involved in the project. If all goes well until the end of the month I finish the drama I’m moderating (Reply 1988). But it was very difficult to get volunteers. I’m glad it all worked out, I hope in future also be moderator in a drama that will debut, but still missing me hone in on a lot of things.