Why are people leaving reviews on dramas NOT WATCHED!


go to Mydramalist for reviews and ratings! there u can’t rate before the drama has started airing and reviews require scores on diffrent aspects of the drama ^-^
would be great if viki made their reviews work like that or in a similar way though…

I am guilty of doing what some of you said, but I have watched it on DF or you tube or Netflix, so I just add my stuff and not watch it, cause I seen it somewhere else( repeat) heres one; W I finally watched it on Hulu loved it, like stuff like that, so I put what I seen on there, it isn’t just here, but other places too. so is that wrong do do that?? theres a lot of good shows around and I do put my little 3 cents in there. be it Netflix,Hulu ,Drama fever, Viki, or you tube. if I watch one show 5 times, and put different remarks on those different sites, would that be wrong too?
set me straight if I am wrong then…

If you have seen the series, no matter where you have seen it, you are entitled to have an opinion and write a review wherever you like.
So you are not “guilty” of what we were saying. Our gripe was against people who write “reviews” which are not reviews, without having watched the drama or movie.


thanks Irmar for clearing that one up for me. I really thought I was a bad one , doing something wrong.

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Here another tread with similar topic and Team Viki is aware of it and working on solution which will mean to work something in the interface, so let’s wait.

And it’s not the only one!
It would be nice if there was a moderator who would merge all those similar/same threads.


oh one more, yes that would be great, only staff can do the mergers if it’s possible at all, I think it is… (I noticed that the music key note search was posted in French and Spanish while he found it himself :grinning:)

I also wonder how often folks use the “Search” icon on top right next to profile to look for a specific Topic they have a question about, or before they post a similar Topic, that could help similar treads stay together…


simi11, thats where I found those emoticoms or whatever. Being I am still kinda new in these parts, still exploring and finding new things. really interesting , that search button!

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yes that’s how it works, the longer you are here the more you learn, I was a newbie once too, but I really only ask when I don’t find the answer myself, you can learn a lot from this community and that’s so great!! Happy typing :+1: :rose:
PS if you want directly address someone use this character @ for example @marygrether1_gmail_c it will open a menu with member names as you type the letters :slight_smile:

so fun to learn new things! thank you!

Right, they can comment all they want…but not in the Review section. It should be put in the Comments section below that.

You can do that! There’s a box at the top that says “Popular”. If you click on the arrow beside it, there is a drop down menu and you can sort on what you want.

True about removing. Seems crazy to have a Review as well as a Comment section on the same page.

A review is something different than a comment. A review is your opinion after you have finished watching the whole series.
Comments on episode pages are about individual episodes.
Comments on the main page can be about anything. Being happy that the show is licensed, asking about airing dates, posting pictures, discussing Team Name and, most importantly, the comment sections allows for dialogue, while the Review section doesn’t.

I do try to leave reviews and comments on the dramas I watch. because some look at the comment before the review.

I use the overall rating to look for shows I might want to watch next, so the review rating are important too me. I now look at any that are rated 7.5 or higher, look at the reviews from lowest to highest too see how many "fake"ones there are. I also flag any of the stupid reviews as inappropriate content. I would say that one out of four times the low rating is due to the stupid reviews and I end up watching the show since the real rating is higher.

I suggest that everyone should do the same thing because after a few users have flagged a review it is noted next to the review.

It would be great if there was a change in the computer code that generates the overall rating to skip those flagged reviews. That would be a simple “IF” statement to just skip those entries in the code that does the averages.

Yes but there could always be viewers who flag the review for wrong reasons (for instance, if I write that their “oppa” is a mediocre actor). You can never know. Hm… Maybe this code could come into effect after 10 or more flaggings…

A lot of people using Viki pass seem to not understand that the subs aren’t part of the service they offer. Maybe throwing it in their faces every time they are about to write a review would help filter things a little bit? Also, I’ve started flagging those useless reviews as well but this thing’s just like a hydra, each head you cut spawns 3 more. Maybe we should allow the CM to be able to delete the reviews that are inappropriate? I think this would work more efficiently than a system that some people could abuse.


And another Viki Community meme was formed! :smile:

Pretty similar to those fancy hats for their cats.

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