Why are some countries so poorly represented on Viki?

Some countries with large populations and/or rich TV activity are almost unrepresented on VIKI. For example, Russia, the UK, Germany.

Is it because there is no demand/wave for their content or they just don’t offer their TV dramas and movies like, say, Korea does?

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Well, I’m assuming you’re talking about Russian/German/English/etc. shows, so…

It’s pretty much unseen of on Viki because Viki is solely based on distributing mostly Asian dramas/movies.

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That’s what I thought, but I was expecting to see a few fan channels at least.

Hm… well I do live in Germany and I have no TV anymore because quite frankly I think 90% is nonsense. And from what I’ve been toled it’s getting worse. So I do understand why it is represented poorly… it’s just not worth it.

That could be an explanation, but you never know what the audiences will find interesting. When I think of what gets popular these days…

Germany has very strict control over its film media. We have tried to start some fan channels, but the content is not readily available. In the US, we can’t even get much German film/tv on Netflix or other streaming services.

Makes sense.
Are they also reluctant to share licensed content abroad or they are just careful with copyright and internet difusion?

I guess it may be the same for the other countries, too.

I am not sure how to answer about the licensing. I know they are careful about the internet, more so than some other countries, less so than even more. A lot of the TV content is available streaming, but there are no subtitles and I doubt we could load them into Viki.

Here is a link to the organization that promotes German films worldwide:



Hm, lack of subtitles is a problem.

Thank you for the link.

I am from Germany as well.
Well German productions are split into privately operated and public service broadcasters.
Television/radio and media libraries of the public ones are financed by fees every household in Germany has to pay. So the whole licence issue is a bit delicate since it’s public money.
They do sell series and films to other countries, but I don’t think they have an eye for Viki yet.
I know that Viki asked German users, if they would like to translate a German comedy series, and most of them seemed not too happy about the idea. At least it didn’t make his way to a channel.
Since then there has been none, at least I didn’t hear about it.
Germany still has some good series or/and movies but the broadcasting system is not very flexible, or open to the idea of Viki, my guess.
But you can find fan channels with the search function for the countries, not only do the approved channels show but the fan channels too. But there are rarely completed ones.

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No “german wave” in the foreseeable future, I guess. I think, since German viewers are coming to sites like viki, their television will want a piece of the pie at some point, but that won’t happen soon.

I’ve tried the fan channels, but they are often incomplete and/or low res. In fact, most countries’ fan channels are like that.

I’m Korean American… I’ve only watched Korean, Japanese, and English (American mostly, some British) t.v. series. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of any TV shows from Russia/Germany.

Guess it’s all about what we’re exposed to. If the population on Viki isn’t aware of the shows you’re thinking of, how would they make or be a fan (channel) about it. lol

That’s true, people have to be exposed to a culture to seek its products. If nothing is available, they’ll never hear about it.

I think some countries’ media distributors might think it’s “beneath” them to export their culture.

I for one am thankful for the Korean wave. Ok, I hate rom-coms, but there are tons of good movies/ series to watch that are not “hold my hand and shed a tear” (TM :wink:) .

USA is a global trendsetter, although there are no legal ways to watch their series, because their movies are marketed worldwide and their series… well, they let things fall through the cracks.

Even if a country like Germany doesn’t have many decent TV programs (I know I haven’t watched Greek TV shows in years), there are billions of potential viewers out there. Statistically speaking, a fair number will have a similar taste for TV shows with the average German.

I realize we are possibly talking about people who think pure viewer rating must not include DVR’d shows, because technology is a sin, but they are shooting themselves on the foot.

Every recognizable Korean actor/ actress has endorsements. The shows have product placements. So, they know that if I watch their show, I’ll buy a new smartphone or a new cushion foundation. It’s just a few clicks away. So, it really baffles me why countries that have industries don’t use the cheapest, most easily available and and widely acceptable medium of promotion, which is a TV show fanbase.

For me, the answer to your question is “poor marketing choices” and “1980’s external policies”.

Sorry for the rant.

I agree about endorsements.

I thought the sight of money would wake some dinosaurs, but I suppose the problem has deeper roots.

I have to agree. There are some under represented countries. I for one, am disappointed that Viki has neglected current Thai Lakorns. They have some of the older ones. I would say the issue for under representation has to do with licensing and interest. My understanding is that it is very difficult to license and it depends on the individual country, too. Also, it is the interest of Viki users. Basically, if there are not enough people requesting dramas/tv shows/lakorns/movies from the country Viki (being a business) is not going to invest the money to license a show. I just requested a few lakorns but if no one else does the same then it is unlikely to happen. Also, even if there is interest getting enough volunteers to translate the drama. So it really does go back to licensing (money) and interest (popularity). I thank goodness for the Fan Channels on Viki but they can only do so much without volunteers or support.The Korean Entertainment Industry actively participates in bringing the dramas to an international fans and gets a ton of support from the fanbase. The only way for this to happen elsewhere is if they choose to do the same.

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