Why can't I add episodes to my Fan Channel?

I’m confused as to why I am unable to add new episodes to my channel. Is there a new Viki policy I’m unaware of?

It was last year - they said the fan channels were no longer allowed to add any videos - and if videos are stricken for some reason, you can’t reload them. Viki made a decision to stop supporting them essentially - videos loaded from things they don’t own the license for. So as the videos become faulty or they are challenged by copyright etc, and taken down - the fan channels they are affiliated with will die.

This also applies now to even trailers you might want to add to a fan channel seeking a license - until it has one, no videos.

Sort of a Catch 22 there actually - hard to get support if no one sees your trailer, right?

The majority of fan channels that have videos on them, and mostly subbed, happen to be Chinese. Sad news. :frowning: as these dramas will be lost unless they can get licensed.

I hope this helps explain what’s happening - for further information or questions, please do contact kristie or the help desk. Wish I had better news. :frowning:

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Watch your fan channel videos now…only a few so far got licenses.

I’m so shocked to hear that! I’ve been away from the viki community for quite a while, and as I dive back into the Viki world I’m overwhelmed with so many changes, new features, and rules. It is very saddening that fan channels will no longer be supported by Viki. Anyways, thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Sorry to have to give you the bad news. If it’s something that can be licensed, you can try to put a license request form on your channel and ask fans to fill it out.

But it is admittedly a long shot…sadly - and very few so far are being licensed.

Best of good fortune, and Happy New Year x 2 - as you missed the Western and now it’s Eastern. :slight_smile: