Why does Viki reupload episodes?

I was wondering why Viki decides to reupload episodes of certain series? Right now a series I segged yesterday is out of sync (which already has been reported by someone else) because Viki decided to upload a new ep. Also sometimes when I decide to watch an episode subbed all of a sudden the subs are out of sync or gone because Viki is in the process uploading an other video of the ep it seems.

It’s getting really annoying at times so I wonder why does Viki do this? Is it because the content owner can’t decide on which episode should be used or something?

Yes I could write the help center but I guess some already did so maybe someone knows the answer already :slight_smile:

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Dudie I have wondered the same thing. why do they do this? what is the point?..I am sure there is a reason behind this but I would really like to know.

Yes they must have a reason or else I wish they stop doing it because it ruins our hard work if they don’t resync it properly.

Which series?
Maybe the series wasn’t licensed before (a fan channel) and then it got the license. If that happens, Viki will upload the videos from their server.

We are talking about licensed series such as Who Are You, Goddess of Fire etc.

I got an answer to why there are some video’s re uploaded, I thought let’s post it here too :slight_smile: