Why Is No One Talking About Romance is a Bonus Book ?!

There’s not even a fan channel, like it doesn’t exist. Why is that? I know Netflix apparently has the exclusive rights to it, but I still want to talk about it. The OST also includes this beautifully romantic rendition of Roy Kim. How can I not talk about it?!


It’s simple.
If you see no channel for an upcoming k-drama or an on-air drama, then…
It’s either, an exclusive for Viki’s competitor (N_T_L_X) or it’s a cable drama which is impossible to license now.

I keep this post updated with upcoming channels we want to, and which we have more chance to have available here.
Romance is a Bonus Book was removed like 3 days before its premiere because we realized it is an exclusive somewhere else :grimacing:

And most vikiers tend to not comment a k-drama they’re not watching here somehow…
Still have fun watching it elsewhere :slight_smile:


Oh, nice! You’re doing a good job!

I’m watching it “somewhere” and rather enjoying it.
Of course LJS won’t be remembered for that role, he just does what comes easily to him, that’s all. It’s a cute romantic comedy, wonderful to relax at the end of a day, nothing more, nothing less.


I just started watching this, I really hope its going to be a good one,

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I wasn’t real interested after the first episode but after that I loved it. The book
business was really interesting, I liked the “second couple” and the people they
worked with. LJS was extra good and the story behind the older, past writer was
right on target. (We’ve had to deal with the same problem in our family). Overall it was a great drama. I must say though, it was a bit distracting…there obviously no problem giving the lead 500 changes in his wardrobe! To tell you the truth I even loved that, make me laugh.

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I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:

Except for ONE coat, the one on the last episode. I’m trying to “unsee”/forget it. But for the sake of everyone taking part in this thread, I’ll hunt it down and give you nightmares as well.

Well, I was not the only one. See what our friends on dramabeans had to say:

Of course it wasn’t the only ridiculous thing they made him wear. And it seems the more ridiculous they are, the more expensive.

First the sweater with the maxi apple-coloured pocket. 370 dollars:

Then the vinyl panel coat. Something reminding of the bad taste of The Sims base game outfits. Almost 3000 dollars.

I mean, taking a pair of scissors and ruining a perfectly good woollen sweater means it’s gonna cost 710? In what perverted world do we live?


I know this is an old thread but I don’t like the actress paired with SJK? I don’t think she’s acting material when she was paired with him. If I don’t like the ‘‘match’’ made in the main couple I just don’t bother with the drama. HE DESERVED BETTER than that. The story plot was really great.

You can’t win them all! They did a great job with HYMN of Death Song, W, and I Hear Your Voice and one of my fave one, was a movie in which he falls in love with a dying much older woman bc he did that role amazingly well. I also like the roles that make him the main focus in the drama not the girl (actress). In this drama it’s, IN my opinion, all about her.

The reason would be because it is a Netflix Original drama. Because it is their content it ONLY streams at Netflix. Very good drama, btw. :slight_smile:

Understand your thoughts about the lead actress, but I liked her and thought she was quite appropriate for the character she had to play. Also, SJK is quite fond of her in real life. She is a good actress.

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What happens is that SJK is a sweetheart and treats all his leading ladies with the same respect. I have never read anywhere, anything different from what you are saying about the way he treats her or any of his leading lady/actress.

When I don’t feel the chemistry with the two characters as a main as a couple I drop it like a hot potato. So, after the first episode I was done watching. The same happened with Siwon in his recent drama but that’s me/my taste/my opinion although others can disagree and I respect that.

To each its own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I know that if they had paired him with another actress the drama would not get the low rating it had (where I saw the first episode not here) 2 in a half stars are out of 5 no less. I have never seen such low rating in a drama.

Since I’m an older person I don’t watch a drama bc of the ‘‘cute actor’’ I watch it based on the story plot and the chemistry between the paired couple in the drama. I can’t get into the romance part of the character/story without those key elements.

I have nothing against the actress, and to make matters worse, I believe I confused her with another actress. To me they look so alike is not even funny anymore. What I don’t understand why she didn’t had a drop of makeup in that face not even a hint of lipstick in some of the scenes at least.

I might be confusing the leading lady bc to me they look alike so much. I’m not sure she’s the one from May Queen, which I thought she was, since they look so much alike.

I really wish there had been a season two… it was an amazing show…!!! They had great chemistry together!!! :slight_smile:

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lol I was wrong about the girl’s name I thought she was Jin Se Yun or Han Ji Hye bc they also don’t use makeup, and I thought they were the same person. I try watching the drama but didn’t like it at all, I felt she was way too old for him, and I was right, she’s way older than him. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I just found it, so I plan to watch the first episode.

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Give us feedback here, please. I didn’t like it, although I did went back to watch it again and couldn’t go further than 1/2 an episode went to the middle, hated even more.

I have said it before, if a book doesn’t grab me in the first paragraph it lost me/ I hate to say it but this drama just didn’t cut it for me, I did like the actors and all, but just didn’t grab me.

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I just finished that series and saw the coat and thought ‘they only gave that to him because he used to be a model.’ Omo, that thing is blinding! Had to look on here to see if someone said something about it :rofl:

I thought I wouldn’t like this series as I read some of the reviews, but I finished it in 2 days. The chemistry between the leads was something that felt more like real life chemistry vs. drama chemistry. All in all, good filler drama imo.