Why it is not possible to delete messages on VIKI's main page directly?

while seeing the text field?

It is super annoying that for deleting messages you have to go back to entry then check the box and delete it.

No matter if it’s for PMs or channel notifications

Why there is only an ‘unread/read option’ in top of the text field but not a delete message option?

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The messaging system on Viki has many faults. It is so rudimentary, it makes communication, organization and tracking very difficult. That might be the next thing they will be working on, since they sent out a poll this week to some users, asking about it.


Yes but what they asked had nothing to do with what WE are asking them to improve: contact list, folders, sort by sender/date/subject (and enforce “subject”), text wrapping so that the whole message can be easily seen, maybe basic formatting etc etc.
They just asked whether we use this for communication or if we also use other platforms etc. The survey was superficial and lacking.


Oh, I’m so disappointed then :weary:

As you know, I have already made a suggestion for an improved inbox.