Words,a good ,bad, ugly


I started watching a movie, and not to mention the title
I watched it cause of the actor. It was a good start, ad I thought this is going to be a good one,
But, y,know, when its all said & done, why, why so much guttural, septic tank words?? I am not a producer or writer, but does one have to use 4 letter words in each sentence, trying to sell the product? you didn/t sell me! the movie would have been better without the vile language,
look I am not a prude, I don’t mind using some of the language to get a point across. Kids watch these dramas too! to me its almost like porn, “selling sex?” but selling vile language." is that really necessary?? oh yeah all through the movie all that four letter garbage. sickening!!
course again I am sure no one will give me a decent answer


Have you been watching “Fasten Your Seatbelts”?


no , I haven’t watched it
what bugs me is
I have told people , given high praise that the "Asians "
esp Koreans don’t do a bunch of swearing, or jump into bed with someone the first night and so on.
I love watching the scenes that they just barely touch hands and they get almost upset.
I mean really, I got away from the American movies & dramas just for that one thing!