Wouldn't it be great if we could just add all of the dramas we've seen to a list which would be part of our profile?

I think it would be good enough to make a request for it, or is it just me thinking so?
For us viewers and subbers to help channels managers find people who are used to the kind of drama they’re managing(and so, that they are most likely to be able to sub properly), to just being able to remember what we’ve seen and until what episode and what we dropped and where etc.
It would be wonderful to either merge betaseries.com and viki or just for viki to add some sort of listing to our profiles, wouldn’t it?
I personally try to keep track with betaseries but because it’s not specific to ‘Asian’ shows, I end up having to add most of the shows I’ve seen myself, and since it’s a hassle I just don’t bother doing it.
I must have seen over 200 dramas now, and I had to write them all down one by one in a notebook to be able to help my friends find some they would like because I don’t even remember most of them enough to tell them appart. Isn’t it sick?


There are sites where you can keep track of which drama you saw, dropped, watching, plan to watch, rate them etc.
I mainly use Mydramalist.com but I also used Mydramalist.info. I started with the info one but then most of my friends used the .com one which is a bit easier to navigate but the other is more complete I guess.


I use My Drama List too. But I have often thought that Viki should have something like it . Good suggestion.

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Good idea. It would be really cool! :slight_smile:

YES!!! i want that too!! i want to have a tracking of where i left off on watching every series,what dramas ive watched,and i also want viki to show me WHAT comment i gave in the timed comments and what were the responses!! im DYING for that one.

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I use mydramalist.com to keep track. Currently, I just put my favorites on viki.

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I’m dying for this too. There was one time I logged in and went into Team Discussion it showed the responses! But then…when I switched to the next part, it was gone. :frowning: It would be so much easier if we could see our comments and the responses. Then we wouldn’t have to go track them down.


thank you yesss!! because i rarely go back and check any of the responses i had on the timed comments, because then i would have to load the episode, wait for commercials to finish, and theeennn watch the whole entire episode and figure out or watch for my timmed comments on that episode.

if we had at least a switch, one to show timmed comments and the other, just to show our comments alone and where they were at, that would help us to know where to look for responses.

whats that?

@b2utybubbles You never worked in teams?
The team discussion is where teams keep track of what is segged and who’s working on the subs of which part. It’s like the most important thing for teams, well the team that works on the english. Other language teams sometimes use a google doc.

@b2utybubbles I don’t really use timed comments but in general, there’s not much organization for comments and responses.

@Dudie What do you think about the comments? It kind of annoys me that I have to go back into the Team Discussion where someone leaves the comment instead of just seeing the response through the notificiations.

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I use mydramalist.com to keep a track on the dramas I’m currently watching, I have completed, I dropped and I plan to drop :slight_smile: try it!

Yes, I couldn’t agree more with this request! I expect Viki to help me keep track of what shows I’m watching, what episode I left off, which episodes are watched, what episodes are not watched. I have to use either third party site to do that or an good old notebook. It’s such a basic feature. Please add it!!!

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I wish we could display which ones we’ve watched. If you wanna hide the hates that’s fine. But the ones we’ve liked so that we can be introduced to new ones.
Better yet since we have a rating system couldn’t we make a related vidoes feature?

I love this idea! Really! That would make it a lot easier, especially if you dropped a drama but then wanted to watch it again, but did not write down where you were in that drama. :heart: