Wow what thee heck are they doing
this is sad


These sites are all joined mainly by the same investors, and in the end they always merge companies. Once one needs to shut down, the rest of the pyramid falls too.

But only to build another one with a different name, and that will cost more money to the consumer, but will bring high dividends and profits to the owners/investors of these sites.

I saw it coming, but what bothers me is the lack of respect to the many loyal subscribers that are struggling to find the money to keep up with the high cost so they can continue enjoying the so addictive Asian dramas/movies or american shows.

In my house my daughter is addicted to the American shows and I’m addicted to Asian dramas/movies. When I say Asian I include dramas or movies from the Philippines, Taiwan, Chinese, Japanese, etc…I like them all, different but entertaining too.

When I first started watching Netflix it only had a few Asian dramas. Now we have tons of them and they raised our price and we were thinking of cancelling one of them because we also got Prime Firestick that also increased the number in Asian dramas at a lower offer in price but guess where they got us?

Only one of them offers the American shows my daughter loves so much, so we are stuck with both, paying two different prices bc we have no other choice. They got us trapped for now bc if they continue raising the price I’m cutting them off. I use to live without them, I can continue to live without them. I’m not sacrificing myself so much, for those who have so much already.


@angelight313_168 I think this will backfire big time no one is going to pay that much for a service in hopes of finding content from the old separate services are they?

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No offense to your daughter but she likes american tv? I come here to forget American tv lol even for example good doctor original is way better then abc version

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I think right now they are seeing how much they can really get away with. So far, I see many people willing to pay extra to see the shows they like and also willing to pay to different sites (myself included).

The only way I see it might backfire is when many of the consumers/subscriber have to make a choice between having dinner in their table or watching a 45 minutes drama or movie that won’t quench their hunger. It can get to that point since they are going overboard with this prices and limitation of dramas in the sites for us, the consumers/subscribers.

No offense taken she loves boring shows like Charmed (new version), Grace Anatomy and Supergirl and many others you can’t see in regular TV. lol

The other side of this for me is I am in Canada very few smaller services allow international subscribes so if i caved and wanted to sub could I? the market is so closed off now in a effort to compete with a service that is not so secretly imploding

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If you want to sub here is a great idea! But lately I noticed even here at Rviki now they upload the dramas segmented and with ENGLISH only subtitles in them.

They also have this thing that you can’t sub in your native language (in my case spanish) bc they only offer the GOOD drama in English.

I guess they want to cut us volunteers from having viki pass for free for subbing their dramas. I think the Chinese dramas will continue to need volunteers though. I was subbing a few in Spanish but for health reason can not keep continue doing that.

Maybe someone here can be nice and give you more information as to where volunteering stands right now.

I refuse to have anything to do with something owned by ATT. Even if DF comes back under ATT ownership I won’t watch. Should we be worried about Kocowa?

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No because Kocowa or rather the networks that make up Kocowa supply everyone else i would worry about viki though

Oh, actually that’s what I meant. I fear we should worry about Viki. This is the only site I can watch Chinese dramas with English subs. Kdramas that are produced by the smaller cable companies (and which are better quality imo) are more and more difficult to find. As soon as Kocowa has its own channel on Roku, I fear for Viki. Will Kocowa only show the big 3 productions, or will they add some C-dramas and cable shows?

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I do not think they will branch out as they have no reason to they only serve Korean interest in fact id love to see more J drama here as a side note

All this is going to do is push people to piracy. I’m not going to maintain 10 subscriptions to 10 different streaming services. Just a classic example of idiotic, greedy telecom companies and their executives seeing Netflix grow as a company… and trying to cash in on that.

I’ll just record more often on my actual TV, maybe continue to maintain Viki and Netflix (depending on their selection and new TV shows they license).

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I sub to quite a few and its almost as expensive as a small cable package when added up im at my limit

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lmao so when you said before if you should sub here, you also meant [subscribe], and I thought you meant doing volunteer work by doing subtitles that gives you some freebies in the site? hahaha

My bad…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

its ok I wish I know enough of these beautiful languages to help though

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Yes, I believe is a blessing to know 2 and even more language. Open doors to better paying jobs, too. But some are hard to learn as you get older, so the younger you are the better chance you have to learn it really fast.

Is never too late to learn though.Like the saying goes: ‘‘The difficult takes time the impossible a little longer.’’