Youku Promoting Historical Chinese Dramas for 2018/19 Release

Cfensi just posted this article with a collection of new teasers for 2018/19 Chinese historical and modern (Republican Era and Contemporary) dramas:

“Empress of the Ming: Legend of Sun Ruowei” [pictured on link] – Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhang Yixing
“Goodbye My Princess” (Eastern Palace) [Teaser] – Peng Xiaoran, Chen Xingxu
“Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost” – Yang Zi, Deng Lun
Viki Fan Channel:
“Hero’s Dream” [Teaser] – Ou Hao, Hai Ling, Qiao Zhenyu, Tang Yan
Viki’s Fan Channel:
“Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’an” [Teaser] – Qin Junjie, Shu Chang, Zhang Hanyu
Viki Fan Channel:
“Martial Universe” – Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Wang Likun, Wu Chun
“Novoland: Eagle Flag” [Opening] – Liu Haoran, Song Zu’er, Chen Ruoxuan
“Royal Highness” [Teaser] – Jiang Jinfu, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Ruilin
“The Fated General” [Teaser] – Zhang Ruoyun, Mao Xiaotong
Viki Fan Channel:
“The Legends of Monkey King” 大泼猴 [Teaser] – Raymond Lam, Jiang Mengjie
Viki Fan Channel:
“The Story of Minglan” – Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng, Zhu Yilong
“Win the World” – Fan Bingbing, Gao Yunxiang, Yan Yikuan
Viki Fan Channel:

Republican Era
“Autumn Cicada” 秋蝉 [Teaser] – Ren Jialun, Li Man, He Dujuan, Wang Jinsong
“Eagles and Youngster” 天坑鹰猎 [Teaser] – Wang Junkai, Wen Qi, Jiang Yiyi
“Eighteen Springs” 半生缘 – Carina Lau, Jiang Xin, Joe Cheng

“Behind the Scenes” 幕后之王 [Teaser] – Zhou Dongyu, Luo Jin, Chen Shu
Viki’s Fan Channel:
“Being Lonely in Love” 山月不知心底事 [Teaser] – Ou Hao, Victoria Song Qian
“Guardian” [Trailer] – Bai Yu, Zhu Yilong
“In New York” [Trailer] – Li Yifeng, Jiang Shuying, Jiang Mengjie
“In Youth (While We’re Still Young)” [Teaser] – Zhang Yunlong, Qiao Xin, Liu Ruilin
“New Horizon” 壮志高飞 [Trailer] – Zheng Kai, Joe Chen
“Never Gone: So You Are Still Here” [Teaser] – Yang Zishan, Han Dongjun
“Police Tactical Unit” 机动部队 [Teaser] – Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Alex Fong
“The Way We Were” [Teaser] – Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Wang Zhiwen


Thank you!

Legends of the Monkey King has a Fan Channel:

Thank you! Don’t know how I missed that one. I’ve added it to the list.
Please feel free to post a comment if you see Viki has added a channel for any dramas from the list and I will edit the list.

I love historicals. It’s one of the main reasons I got into TV shows from Asian countries. I ran out of Western shows and movies to watch.

I hope some of them get subtitled. I wish I knew Chinese but right now I don’t have that strong desire to learn another language. Maybe in a year or two when I’m more comfortable with where my life is I’ll have the free time and motivation to take that on.

Thankfully there’s a bit of a resurgence in Western TV with a few shows about the time of vikings and stuff… but still wish there was more.


You mentioned Vikings and reminded me of an author whose books I love, Bernard Cornwell, His The Last Kingdom series (formerly called “The Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories”) tells the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants through the eyes of Uhtred, an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria, captured by the Danes and taught the Viking ways.

Here’s Bernard Cornwell’s page about the novels:

Anyway, if you are interested and have access to Netflix (NF) you can find the series there. There are two seasons, which initially aired on BBC, available with eight episodes each. According to the Wiki page (link below) Netflix is supposed to produce the third season. I haven’t watched any episodes yet. The series has good reviews from NF, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes,, and Google.

Here’s the Wiki page about the TV series, which originally aired on BBC.

Yeah I’ve been watching that as it airs.

If you name a show I’ve probably seen it or am watching it, lol. It’s too bad most Chinese historicals don’t get subs.

As an example of how many I have watched: I’ve watched The Borgias and I have watched Borgia. One was Showtime, the other was from Europe I forget what channel but they uploaded it to Netflix.

There’s so much history out there but I guess historical dramas are more expensive to make and don’t have quite as big an audience in Western countries. I think that’s slowly changing. Right now we seem to be on a bit of a superhero binge but maybe that will slowly turn into a historicals one.

Rome is still my top TV show ever. Loved that show.

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