Your Favorite dramas

A few of my favorite dramas are:

The Great Doctor (aka Faith)
Master’s Sun
Just you
Arang and the Magistrate
Marry Me, Mary !
Queen In Hyun’s Man
The Moon Embracing the Sun
The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy)
City Hunter
Gu Family Book
I Hear Your Voice
The Return of Iljimae
You’re Beautiful
Heart String
49 days
Love Rain
My girl

If you have and questions on the shows search them or post a comment. Please paste you favorite show. I hope to add to my own favorites

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First off, I am a guy…yes men watch dramas too! I am also older so alot of the dramas you listed I haven’t seen or stopped watching midway through. My criteria is that if I can re-watch more than once, then it’s goood:

Smile You
Jewel In the Palace
Coffee Prince
Bad Guy (IMHO is 10x better than Nice Guy)
Moon Embracing the Sun
Queen In Hyun’s Man
Take Care of the Young Lady
I Can Hear Your Voice
Horse Doctor
Dong Yi
The Man Who Can’t Get Married
Spring Waltz

This is it. I’ve watched ALOT of dramas. These are the only ones that I have been able to re-watch and enjoy them as much as I had originally did.

Hi guys ,I’m from Tahiti and yeah I like dramas you mentioned but
I’ll add “My girlfriend is a gumiho” and “Devil beside you” to this list !
But this year , for the moment , “I can hear your voice” is my best
K-Drama .

I have watched so mays dramas and I’m watching that People tell me I’m addicted to dramas. I have see most of your favorite and I just started Bad guy a few weeks ago.

Do you seem to have the problem that you seem to watch most of the good dramas. I’m having trouble finding amazing dramas.

I loved the dramas on your list, have not watched The moon embracing the sun or fireworks yet, but I really love romantic comedies:
Playful kiss
Personal taste
Boys over flowers
Oh my lady
Shinning She
Creating destiny
You’re beautiful
Sweet spy
Paradise ranch
Hello god
Powerful opponents
Runaway plan B
Rooftop prince
I love Lee Tae Ri
Flower boy next door
Flower boy Ramyun Shop
Full House I and II
My Princess
Baby Face beauty
Lie to me

My criteria for good drama is if I can finish it. I watch and enjoy a lot of dramas but I usually get bored midway through. I’ve finished at least three dramas on your list. Bad Guy, Queen In Hyun’s Man and Coffee Prince. That’s amazing…seriously it’s a good list. I almost got to the end of The Man Who Can’t Get Married. I remember enjoying it. Really you have good taste. Thanks.

Thanks for the compliment. For me, it’s gotta be a really bad drama for me not to finish. I really try to stick it out to the end. As a guy, I pretty avoid those dramas where you are pretty sure it’s made for teenage girls or women. Learned my lesson with the teen sensation Boys Over Flowers, I quit that one halfway through.

I readily admit I have a big weakness for Yoon Eun Hye and dutifully watch anything she’s in, so I guess I can understand why BOF and Faith is so popular. Faith, I quit after one episode. LOL.

iI also get bore with dramas easily but it hate that unfinished feeling I have so when I get bore I start to skip parts of the episodes.

A few dramas that no one has posted that I also love are Cheongdam-dong Alice, Kpop Survival, protecting the boss, and the greatest love,

yes ! it’s as if I watched all the good dramas already
and actually I have the same problem :confused:
amazing dramas are getting rare

I couldn’t finish the first episode of BOF hahaha. Wow that hair cut and that song…no way.

I just get the feeling that for korean dramas at least it changes midway through. I don’t know, is it the story or the overall quality of the show or does it suddenly become depressing or super corny, the feeling gets different that’s when I quit. But yeah sometimes I suddenly have flashbacks and wonder did that girl die? Did it end well? So I do get the unfinished feeling but I live with it pretty well.

At first I could not watch BOF because the main girl was annoying so I ditch that drama but when I went back to it and forced myself to watch it I found it was not as bad as I thought.

I hardly ever watch the fan channel series because it is hard to find good subbed high quality drama. Also I mostly watch dramas on my IPad so I have a
Limited selection. If anyone has suggestions for my please post.

PS I just finish watching Skip Beat on good drama it was amazing almost as good as the anime. Skip Beat is one of my favorite manga,anime and now drama. I loved the cast. I recommend watching it. Last night Inend up saying up to 6 am because I just wanted to watch more.

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