Youtube EU: article 13 and copyrights

The EU Parliament voted on a copyrights directive: we have to get the authorization from authors and rightsholders (for a song, movie, content under copyrights) to publish a video with it on youtube or else the content will be blocked.
It would be the end of non official channels showing dramas for European people or their subtitles?

English article:

French article:


Thanks for the heads up! To me this reads like if implemented it will be a mess. I do understand somewhat a concern, but the copyright issue has been already reduced at some point on YT. But what EU is trying to do is rather going backwards as this could have major consequences, and in the end if they pull it through we might have a Shut down of YT out of protest.
EU thing is not a great thing either… the participating countries lost totally their individuality… :scream:

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YouTube isn’t my Internet though. It’s owned by Google, the same Google that keeps demonetising its creators. “Shape of You” is already under Copyright laws. It’s not like I can use the song on my own channel freely. So what exactly am I saving?!

For example, should you ever make a song and want to upload it on YT, you would have to prove you made the song (register it in your country). If the song bore any similarity whatsoever with another copyrighted song, it would automatically be blocked from publishing on YT. In essence, you would have to have money in order to even become a creator of a song and video on YT/Vimeo/anyothersite. And that quite seriously infringes on human freedom, giving even more power to those that already have it.


Sure, but Ed Sheeran – for instance – would have to suffer the same penalties if his song bore any similarity to mine. This is what Article 13 is trying to achieve. “Oh, but how could a god like him ever steal from a nobody like you?!” some might say. Well, such unfairness and prejudice exist with or without Article 13. There is absolutely nothing to convince me that this is better or worse than all the rest.