1N2D chinese version

hello so I just submitted a channel for 1N2D chinese version. I´m a big fan of the original show, and I seen a bit of the chinese version too and it seems fun and I love China, and the scenes and landscapes where they film and introduce is so beautiful. I think having this show subbed can promote more of chinese culture and country to many other people around the world.

The show has Kangta and other celebrities as it cast members. I would like to have the show subbed so it can gain more exposure to other non-chinese speaking fans, just like how the chinese version of Dad Where´re You Going is gaining more international fans because of the engsub available.

And also I´m quite newbie at using viki, so I really don´t know how to manage a channel etc, but I´ll try my best to update the episodes of chinese 1N2D once my midterm ends. I hope the show will get more international exposure if there´s engsub available and more people know about it. I hope it´ll be possible and if anyone wants to contribute I would be really happy.

Thank you ^^

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