[2014] End of the year plans?

December’s only just started… But it’s going to pass by like a breeze, and we won’t even realize the New Year is upon us!

  • Do you guys have any fun or interesting end of the year / new year plans?

  • Traveling, crazy projects, just chilling at home with family and friends, etc.

  • Also, since the year’s almost over… What were your favorite dramas, movies, songs (and whatever else) of the year? NO SPOILERS! Please, thanks.

Personally. I’ll likely be sitting around at home, petting my fat cat (who is both super adorable and super annoying all at once). Spend some time with family. Meet up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Marathon a drama or two or ten. Boring, boring~ Share your exciting adventures, so I can live vicariously through you, please :DD

I ask about year-end favorites because I was over at DB’s Beanie Awards. I was mildly amused that You From Another Star was winning in so many things, and then got voted most overrated. I also realized I haven’t really watched that many dramas start to end this year; I dropped a lot of things midway or was super disappointed at the last few episodes.

I super liked Miss Korea. Marriage Not Dating was cute. Loving Misaeng right now, and I like Pinocchio for now. Still planning to check out Three Musketeers and Liar Game.
I haven’t really seen any J dramas this year. And while I had so much hope for TW’s The Way We Were, the second totally half let me down :I


I have no special plans for the new year. Years ago I used to watch the world music awards every year but since a few years that’s replaced with other mostly boring end of year programs and concerts my parents like to watch. So I guess I will spend the evening watching Kdrama on Viki and at midnight I peek outside the window to look if there are any pretty fireworks (here in The Netherlands everyone 18+ is allowed to lit fireworks between certain hours and only fireworks which are legalized by the government. Hopefully that stops next year.)
And eating „oliebollen” which a typical Dutch pastry/snack and eaten warm during new year:

(They taste somewhat like donuts)

On january 1st I have a new years reception at my aunt this year… pretty boring. As a child I liked them coz I played monopoly with my cousins or something but now the family got more huge…no room to play a board game since all tables are used for food and drinks and no one interested.

As for Kpop/Kdrama and such it’s hard. There where many good songs but as for Kpop in general to me as a JYJ/TVXQ fan I was happy that the members reached out to each other and that due our great effort JYJ was still being about to perform at the IAG 2014 as promised. And of course JYJ’s come back :slight_smile:

Now Kdrama/Jdrama wise…
Some really loved:
Boku no Ita Jikan: I absolutely loved this Jdrama, somehow I like these kinds of plots and I haven’t seen such a good none for a while.
Empress Ki: although it was long and at times a bit boring to me I really liked the overal story like.
Triangle: When I first heard Jaejoong got a role as a gangster I was a bit worried somehow but OMG he amazed me. And I liked the other cast too. I’m so happy he won an award. I still miss Young Dal sometimes hahaha.
You Who Came From the Stars: I think most people know why… LOL
It’s Okay, That’s Love: At first I was like nah what a boring title and the plot wasn’t like „I must watch this!” but it turned out really good.
Emergency Couple: I really liked it and it feels a bit special to me because it was my first Kdrama project as a channel manager :smile:

Some I found disappointing:
Angel Eyes: Didn’t even complete it.
Doctor Stranger: Boring
She’s so lovable: I was excited to see Rain again but the Kdrama… it started ok but then it soon got boring. Still must watch the ending but I don’t think I will as I already know what will happen.

Of course there are more I liked but I can’t list them all and I decided to exclude the currently airing ones because endings could ruin the whole series.

@Dudie, ehm…oliebollen…lekker! I always buy it everytime I go to NL. For me, new year’s eve just chilling at home with my family, playing monopoly with my kids and then watch tv with my hubby. Sometimes we go to a friend house and celebrate new year together.

Dudie! Do you have the recipe? I’ve been looking for that recipe, I know there are TONS on internet, but if you have one that you have tried and tasted, that would be great. Thank yoooouu…

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@auroratasya I posted a basic one here: http://discussions.viki.com/t/local-food-and-drinks/3740/45?u=dudie
I believe that’s pretty much the recipe we used before my mom started using special mix for it but we never added the lemon juice.

I know there are a zillion recipes, I saw lot’s where I was thinking “huh? do you really need to add that?” when I was looking for a really basic one.

@julievilla I know! I’ve been walking past a mobile stand with oliebollen and other pastries all the time when I’m shopping now…so far I could resist… that smell. And I love Monopoly we sometimes play that on new year or christmas eve :smile:

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I don’t know what I will be doing. Hopefully spending it with family haha. For me, since Christmas lands on a Thursday and New years as well, my family won’t be going to Las Vegas to visit my mom’s twin sister. I love going to my aunt’s house. Lots of family gets together, and there are a lot of posadas in the neighborhood (ponche anyone :wink: [mexican christmas punch] ). After I hang out with my parents for a few days I will probably go back home and back to work.

I’ll be watching Viki of course. Living vicariously through the people in dramas haha. By then Misaeng will have ended (sad). It’s my weekly drug at the moment. It made it’s way to the top of my list from the very first episode. I like shows with long episodes. Absolutely love it. I never watched my love from another star. Actually I started but somehow I couldn’t get into it even after a few episodes. Also the actress, the female character - just didn’t resonate with me for some reason. I might try it again, though I am not surprised it got voted most overrated. I need to watch Miss Korea. Need to. And no better time to binge watch except winter breaaakk. Marriage Not Dating was incredibly adorable. Loved it. Got my sister to watch it. She’s really picky and tries her best not to like Korean dramas so I am glad I found one to her taste. Pinnocchio is also good right now. It’s interesting how I went from watching I Hear Your Voice, and the dillemma of avenging and murdering those who killed your loved ones due to unfair circumstances, to Pinnocchio…and the dillemma of dealing with a loved one having given in to avenging and murdering those who killed your loved ones. I will not go into details for those who haven’t been watching the show, but…the hyung…heartbreaker. If I may borrow the words of Lawyer Cha: “Do you know the difference between [Dal Pol] and [Jae Myung]? [Jae Myung] had no one. No one who trusted him. No one who listened to him. No one who loved him. And he had no one to protect. But, if he’d had that one person, he might have lived differently. Like [Dal Pol].”

So other dramas this year…ummmm…You’re all surrounded was good. Although I never finished Secret Love affair, I think I’d like to. There was a lot of immature people in the audience watching that, if I remember, because the drama dealt with adultery. Mostly those who kept saying how wrong it was, and those who kept making inappropriate comments, even though honestly the drama was really symbolic and not some cheap story. But yeah, like you I did end up starting and dropping a lot of dramas this year. I can’t think of many more. I watched Let’s Eat (technically started late 2013) and the TW Deja Vu…though also stopped because the story…and the direction…I have seen the actress in other things and I absolutely know she is capable of other emotions but oh well.

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