2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed


Esperando ansiosamente para que seja liberada na região onde vivo após a estreia no Viki.:star_struck:


Historical Action/Adventure/Wuxia/Romance
Update: On Air
Air Date: August 16, 2021

Click for cast and synopsis.

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@jadecloud88 new channel for “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”.


Historical Ming Dynasty/Crime/Mystery/Investigation
On Air
Air date: Dec 11, 2018- Jan 8, 2019


Sorry, to be a bit off-topic here, is there a topic about c-drama license you wish for at Viki? I normally do not frequent the posts so, I am a bit confused.
I especially wonder if there was someone asking for a license of The Sleeping Princess?


Isn’t this the thread for wishes? This one is for the dramas Viki has created a channel for…


Well, upcoming it was a 2020 drama, but I will just put it there.


Modern Day Crime/Drama
On Air
Air Date: Tuesday, August 17 (per Viki’s TV Guide)


Modern Day Workplace Drama
On Air

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oh my goodness, I never knew Viki had a TV Guide!! :joy::joy: Thanks for the link!


You’re welcome. It’s a top secret, lol. :laughing:


Update: “A River Runs Through It” On Air


Update - “Love Crossed” is On Air


Historical Romance Drama
Update: Licensed
Air Date: June 17, 2021

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Historical Fantasy Romance Drama
Air Date: June 2017

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Does anyone know how to watch Detective Chinatown 3??

It says not available for the US but I see there are 100+ ratings and some reviews so people have seen it somewhere. Is it possible to get it for the US since there are English subs ready?


Contemporary Workplace Drama
Air Date: November 7, 2021


It appears the drama is no longer licensed in the USA.


Is this ever going to release?