Which upcoming cdramas do you want Viki to license?


I am hoping for 2017 they will license Princess Agents, General and I, Ruyi, etc. Those are my top three as of now.

Which upcoming cdramas do you want Viki to license?

2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed
  • The Three Kingdoms

  • The Advisors Alliance

  • The Swordsman

  • NIRVANA IN FIRE 2 (the sequel)


I’d highly recommend this to Viki for a license so global Cdrama fans can enjoy and understand it.

Upcoming Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑, 45 eps, starring Cecilia Liu Shishi and William Chan Waiting.

It’s an adaptation from the novel series of the same name.

The production team for this highly anticipated Cdrama was the same awesome team that brought us Journey of Flower hit in 2015.

It’s apparently the most highly anticipated 2017 Cdramas (at 24.2%, topping all others - refer to pie chart below), according to a recent SINA poll. I’m personally also highly anticipating it. Btw, many of the Cdramas appearing in this chart look awesome too.

And if we are lucky, we’ll get the whole lot of a trilogy from the author, and which will mean the possibility of Season 2 and 3.

Viki, please get this license. Fans of ancient/legendary/fantasy genre, LSS, CWT, cast and production team, etc… keep your fingers crossed!

PS: Calling CMs or CM wannabes… !!! If none of you have submitted a channel request yet(I’ve done a search. Not in the list. But it could be in the process of approval by Viki?), please do. I’ll gladly help/join your team. Just let me know via PM. Cheers.


viki please please can we get journey of flower licensed? It’s all done you know. Please?!

Btw anything GWTS wants to work on next should be licensed. :wink:


I loved Journey of the Flower but since it is pretty old now, i doubt it will get licensed.


My current list :slight_smile:

  1. Advisors Alliance. I’d also like to CM that. Yeah…this looks THREE KINGDOMS good! Watch a trailer, and you too will want this one.

  2. Tribes and Empires, Storm of Prophecy. Novoland and MUCH better than Castle in the Sky - again, watch a trailer…we have to have this one too.

  3. Wind Blows in Changlin - on the chance they do NOT screw this up. It is NOT “Nirvana in Fire 2”. It is a web “spin off”. So far the details are few and it’s looking less like NIF…but we will see.

  4. Ru Yi’s Royal Love in the Palace. This has changed names a couple of times but it’s the one with Huo Wallace. Yeah…90 episodes.

  5. Men with Sword. That one is already out and I would like to see it - possibly fluffy but had potential!

  6. Rule the World. - a time travel similar to Scarlet Heart but sounded pretty interesting.

The first two are my absolute “must haves” - but the top 4 really are ones viki should not miss!

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Dragon
Watch the trailers on the first two. You too will see what I mean!


Interesting pie chart. I’d say though that they didn’t watch the trailers I did for Tribes and Advisors :).

Still, it does sound like another interesting SH knock off - like one I have on my list too, Rule the World.

:slight_smile: We’ll see what we get. As for CM, yeah I would probably do it if asked, if I got the help to make it happen. I’ve been living the Chinese historical/wuxia life :). The one I really want to run is Advisors…:slight_smile:



Sorry for this delayed response.

I read the poll findings again. Actually, the poll was taken within weibo and 53318 weibo users (with accounts) responded. So I’d say they have seen all the trailers before their respective decisions were made. I guess it’s a matter of taste? And that taste could have changed over time?

Personally, I’m surprised at the low ‘percentages’ for a few of them in the pie chart, like the Tribes you’ve stated (while Advisors surprisingly fell into the ‘other dramas’ category). Tribes came up with fantastic trailers! Others I’m also surprised at their lows are Ruyi, Ten Thousand Miles, General & I and, least of all, Princess Agents. In fact, almost all the dramas in the pie chart are interesting and promising (IMO). I guess these are the dramas that are topmost in C-netz list of likes, among the lots that are hoping to gain more attention and clicks.

Sounds good. Good luck! (to you and all of us :wink:)

Viki, please bring as many of these dramas to your Viki fans as you possibly can. Thank you.


not trailers, they probably just read the synopsis and saw stills . When the poll was conducted there were no trailers out maybe only for Tribes. I think it depends on a lot of stuff, 53318 from weibo is not that big of a sample, but I would say fanbase for the male leads plays a big role. It is still a highly anticipated drama. For me I usually check out dramas with ShiShi and I like the Journey of Flower so that picked my interest.

Agree that we need as many of these dramas as possible.


We need the vikioverlords to hear us. K Drama just got almost everything they wanted, historical/costume wise all year. They just got 2 more now. I mean…they got Six Flying Dragons…Flower in Prison…Moonlight…Hwarang…And they got another one just now too! They missed SHR…that’s really about it, right?

We need at least our top 4 of the historical/wuxia.

2017 may be the year when Chinese Drama historical and wuxia is literally TOO GOOD TO MISS!

GeNie of the Lamp


Legend of Chusen 2 has six episodes out and no one is subbing it yet…please do so soon!


Viki has not license it yet. You have to wait till it get license.


There are 2 dramas in my concern
1/ Nirvana in Fire 2. Some people already mention this so it look like I repeat it :slight_smile:
2/ Complete all seasons in legend of Chusen. Some people mention that it has 3 seasons. Now Viki only has 1, we need 2 more to complete the story line.
Beside these two, I have few in mind but not as important since I know Viki will not license them.

@deadliftdiva_548 : I think people are still not into history/wuxia from China yet. The majority are in the modern drama from China and the less episode it is the more people I think. History/wuxia dramas are too long and people starts falling out half way. Like you say, I do hope for things to change in 2017.


Any idea on if they are working to get license for it???


Oh really? there did seem to be a lot of people around Chang Ge Xing. Imperial Doctress wasn’t horrid.either.

Check the follower count on Ice Fantasy again. Yeah I watched it all the way through. I’m no fan of VS - but yeah I DID like a great deal of this one. With a better actress - it would have been more. :slight_smile: You’re seeing comparable numbers to the K dramas there…yeah nobody watches wuxia and historical dramas… :slight_smile:

And why does Scarlet Heart get remade by Koreans? Uh…cause everyone is still watching it perhaps? If people aren’t watching wuxia - then why is SH2 being pushed in the editing? I heard that from team members - by viki. yeah nobody wants to watch this…:slight_smile:

I’m working on a drama from 2008 - because if you check the fan sites, it got on the top 20 THIS year of all time bests…? Look around the web internationally about that one and you get a LOT Of interest and that one is 8 years old.

Not to mention the CONSIDERABLE following of a drama from 2015. Read the fan boards HERE for NIF…lol. “I think people are still not into history/wuxia from China yet.”. Then what, pray tell, is Nirvana in Fire?

…and we should stop trying to call that spin off the name you call it too - that is Not NIF 2. Reread the press. it is a SPIN OFF. A WEB DRAMA SPIN OFF. Thus it did NOT rank first on my list - I am curious but cautious because it is NOT likely it will be better than NIF.

The two things that make me think that? Oh wait, MORE than two things.

  1. NO HU GE. Yeah. AND the majority of cast is NOT returning.
  2. WEB DRAMA. yeah…
  3. SPIN OFF.

So I would say Wind blows in Changlin may or may not be worth it. That one is a true “wait and see”.

Perhaps you are not aware of a feature of Chinese drama - unlike Korean Dramas - Chinese dramas tend to be completely done and then either held for later broadcast…OR turned out when they are complete - as in something really good or a hot property. Korean Dramas - a lot do not even have scripts (that’s what I have been told). Chinese dramas you can request the actual script to help your subbers.

Six Flying Dragons was a classic example of they “aired it while they were making it”.

It should be noted here that two of the dramas on my list are in post-production and scheduled to air when that is complete…this means they are NOT being held. IF we get Tribes…and/or Advisors…they will come out likely like NIF - FAST. Also challenging to work with from our angle. But VERY LIKELY WORTH IT.

Watch the trailers again. And consider some really good historical/costume dramas we didn’t get here. Three Kingdoms (2010) - I STILL wish we had that one. Empress of China wasn’t bad either…there are more.

Completing story lines, you say? Well Romance of the Condor Heroes was on a fan channel and got obliterated this morning. Arguably there’s some continuation from the same author there too, right?

You may lose your argument based on getting all of a series. :frowning:

Too bad. Same argument might come in handy trying to get Ru Yi…continuation from what,from another one we have here too? (sigh). Not to mention a known actress AND Huo Wallace…

Sorry but I pretty much had to say it. :slight_smile:

And now back to soberly considering what we lost overnight…and yeah, probably getting off here early. My mood isn’t great since I found out about the fan channels this morning. :frowning:

I have no name, for the joy that I use to craft them merrily is gone today.


Yes for some reason we do not automatically get scripts unless it is late license and cable.

We play what was that tag with all our teammates. sometimes it takes weeks for us to figure out. (We fix it later).


Wait, there’s a season 2 for Nirvana on Fire & Legend of Chusen 3??? Man, I have not been paying attention. Also I suspect Legend of Chusen 2 will take some time to get a license for seeing as the release in episodes right now seems to be a special deal whereas wider release is scheduled for the new year.


Magic star, legend of chusen 2, nirvana in fire 2, Fighter of the Destiny, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief Liang Sheng ,Lost Love in Times,Martial Universe,Song of Phoenix,Sword of Legends 2,
The Journey,The Taoism Grandmaster,Candle in the Tomb:The Weasel Grave, beauty private kitchen,
Braveness of the Ming,Oh My General,Princess Agents.
These are drama I want to watch 2017.


The Package. Scheduled for 2017, not yet sure when.


This is for sure! 2017 is jam-packed with goodies in the historical/fantasy/wuxia genre. While I love Kdramas/sagueks too (and there’s Saimdang coming up), I’m finding myself falling deeper into the C-genre ones as mentioned. But, I’d extend it to the modern/city/family genre as well, because there really are some very good ones too, like Detective Chinatown 2, which is filmed on location in NYC’s Chinatown (for NYCers, this may be music to your ears and feast for your eyes? I’m not from the east coast, but fascinated with the ‘inner-workings’ of the Chinatown there, I’m looking forward to watching it.)

This has just started filming a week ago (mid-Dec). But, to all fans of Hu Ge/Wang Kai, and the original cast, you may be somewhat disappointed in the change of the entire main cast, not to mention the awesome CP of Hu Ge and Liu Tao :blush: , and the awesome bromance of Hu Ge and Wang Kai :wink:

Helming the season 2 will be Huang Xiao Ming and Tong Liya, together with second leads of Liu Haoran and Zhang Huiwen (they are not rookies in the entertainment world, although this NIF2 will be Zhang’s first foray in drama (after supporting roles in 4 movies). Incidentally, Liu is also a lead in Dectective Chinatown 2 mentioned above. And he also co-starred with Tong Liya in 2014 Beijing Love Story movie).

Agree. Although Huang Xiao Ming and Tong Liya are good enough draws (IMO)… a wait and see it is for me too.

Btw, NIF2 《琅琊榜之风起长林》 when literally translated, means ‘Rising Winds in the Eternal Forest’. Figuratively, turbulence in the forest.

Turbulence? Yup. It’s bubbling within my eyes. I’m going to a corner to ‘cry’ over the ‘loss’ of Hu Ge and Wang Kai in NIF2…hoohoo :frowning::sob:

Legend of Chusen 2 only has 18 eps and is currently an exclusive QQ webcast. It is scheduled for broadcast as a daily from Feb 2017(per SINA news report, dates to be confirmed) on Beijing TV and Anhui TV (both are satellites). I believe if Viki were to acquire the license, it will only be shown on-air at that time. As for season 3, hmm… I think that’s just a speculation for now.

This drama has its license and volunteer work has already started. Exciting and eerie at the same time. Watch it at…