2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed


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I had forgotten than ‘fan’ channels used to be made by fans.

Thanks for answering leerla’s question damiechan.

I voiced a desire to a volunteer a few days ago wishing Viki would make accessing fan channels easier. Many times I just ‘happen’ upon a fan channel while searching for specific title.


Summer Strike releases November 21, 2022 on Viki (date edited)
Fans can visit the channel and cheer on the volunteer team.

Thank you @teufelchen_netty_266



Lead roles: Luo Jin, Yin Fang



Release on Viki: November 10, 2022 (depending on regional time zone)

Lighter & Princess released November 3, 2022 but not yet available on Viki.


Release Date: November 2, 2022
Leads: Zhang He, Zhao Yao Ke


Lighter and Princess got licensed!! :heart:


I noticed that this morning (November 8) and was thrilled. Thanks so much for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face::tulip:


Licensed Film
Release Date: February 2022


Licensed Film
Release Date: July 2021


Licensed Film
Release Date: August 2022
Leads: Li Wen Han, Xu Ruo Han


Release Date: 2023
Leads: Zhang Yun Long, Deng Jia Jia

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Release Date: November 25, 2022 (Mainland China)


Unlicensed - New Channel Created reflecting updated title.
(aka Novoland: The Princess From Plateau)
Release Date: November 30, 2022



Original Release: February 2021
Viki Release: December 22, 2022 (recruiting CM)
Main Cast: Zhang Ling Xin , Gao Ren

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Licensed and coming to Viki to December 8, 2022.


Update: Licensed
Main Cast:
Hu Yi Xuan
, Wei Zhe Ming

So Cute!