[2021] Wish List for Chinese Drama Licenses


Zhou Lu Si (“Dating in the Kitchen” - 2020) and Terri Liu (“My Dear Lady” - 2020) star in romance drama (based on web novel) “Please Be at Ease, Mr. Ling”.


[C-Drama Request] Help Licensing "Ni Hao An Yi" also known as "Humans"

Fall in Love (见倾心 / Yi Jian Qing Xin) is a 38-episode Republican era romance drama that stars Oliver Chen Xing Xu (Goodbye My Princess) as young Army General Tan Xuan Lin.
Zhang Jing Yi portrays Mu Wan Qing a young lady who returned to China from overseas, and Evan Lin Yan Jun (Nine Percent Idol) portrays Xu Guang Yao Mu Wan Qing’s childhood sweetheart.





Love scenary with the main actor of put your head on my shoulder


“Gentlemen” contemporary drama starring Wang Kai, Lei Jia Yin, Jin Dong, and Li Guang Jie.



“Legend of Fei” wuxia/romance/historical drama starring Zanilia Zhou and Wang Yi Bo.


“The Golden Hairpin” is historical drama starring Yang Zi and Kris Wu.


Can’t wait to see this one. Sounds very different and interesting, with what I know must be full of action packed scenes. My kind of dramas. thanks for sharing and keep us posted when it will be here for our enjoyment.


“Si Teng” aka “Rattan” is a modern mystery/romance starring Vin Zhang and Sally Jing


“Storm Eye” is a modern crime drama starring Vin Zhang and Yang Mi


“Sword Snow Stride” is a wuxia drama starring Zhang Ruo Yun, Vengo Gao, and Crystal Zhang.


don’t mean to sound dense or what ever, but could you explain “Republican” drama??


Thanks for asking. You can learn more here:


I rfad it, wow some neat info and don’t recall learning it in school
and one question comes to miod, and y’all don’t have to answer. but how did a small country like Japan conquer China!


I watched this really good video just now. The short answer is that Japan’s military was strong and China’s was weak.


I sure don’t remember hearing any of this when I went in school
history buffs, huh? maybee I need to listen to a bunch of these history things

oh and thanks aaazmm


Could we tey to get the drama perfect and casual of 2020?


I clicked on the Viki profile for the show, it looks like it’s in need of a channel manager. Does that mean it has been licensed?


Also the drama dear military uniform from this 2021


Viki created the channel for “Si Teng” aka “Rattan” back in August of 2020 but it was not licensed until recently. @estelll made a post on the channel about 19 days ago about it being licensed.

I read somewhere in 2020 that Viki would only create ‘new’ Chinese fan channels if the drama/movie is already licensed. Whether this is accurate or not I can’t confirm.