[2021] Wish List for Chinese Drama Licenses


To be a brave there drama airing this 2021.


Can we we try to get the license of a drama called Mars?


so I will put miss crow & mr lizard on my list.


That one is already on my watch list. If Viki licensed it, that would be great!


Other drama of this year Cute programmer


Use For My Talent starring Jasper Liu & Shen Yue -remake of Clean With Passion For Now.
Maybe It’s Love
Always Have, Always Will-super cute youth rom com

These dramas are 2020 releases:
Girlfriend-starring Lawrence Wong
Begin Again


kind of breaking the rules here since I don’t have a specific drama yet but I would love to see more action/mystery/horror dramas with a FL? Currently loving Storm Eye and I wish Viki would continue with bringing in such stories again, in which we have a strong FL.


Rattan aka Si Teng has been scheduled to air soon, so it´s licensed.


I hope we’ll get this one soon:


me too! hate those battles all the time


Yes pleaseee! I really like Zhao Lusi, she’s very cute. I’ve watched all her dramas and shes so adorable!


Others upcoming dramas are love scenery, summer again, in love with your dimples and two souls in one


Love to see Two Souls in One which sounds like it would be fun.


Hello to everyone!
I’d like to ask Viki if it’s possible to get licensed for a TV show called “The Glory of Tang Dynasty”.
I have been wanting to see it for a long time.
It’s about a historical and romantic drama, with an amazing cast!!
I would be really happy if this happened and I would be infinitely grateful to you.
Thank you!

Synopsis, trailer and cast:


How much longer do we have to wait for this one? :disappointed_relieved:


Can we get the drama hello mr Gu?


Bem que poderiam liberar esse. Seria um sonho ^^


Twelve Legends needs license…


Congrats!! The Long Ballad has been licensed.


Others dramas are use for my talent and a love for dilemma