30-Minute Format

I’ve noticed that more and more Kdramas are capped at roughly 30 minutes per episode. They used to run for an hour or so.
Now they are similar to those daily dramas on KBS, format-wise. How nice would it be if they aired daily?

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If I’m not mistaken, the reason they split 1 episodes into 2 is to put advertisements in between them. They were not technically allowed to do “commercial breaks” during a program/drama so broadcasting stations got creative. :sweat_smile:


I thought it was to adapt to the Chinese market and new stricter regulations posed by their government.

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Oh ho ho, it’s turning into a real conspiracy. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: I say, aliens​:alien: !! Also, they’ve noticed it takes wayyyyy toooooo long to sub an episode, so they cut it in half. :clapper::scissors::roll_eyes:

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Wouldn’t be surprised if Korean Air had something to do with this.

Just Kidding. :innocent:

Or, am I? :smiling_imp:

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:smiley_cat: :laughing:

Definitely Korean Air.

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This is what I’ve been reading as well. Due to the military system, installed by the USA in SKorea to protect it against NKorea, China feels offended and therefore is boycotting SKorean dramas, music (there are no more concerts except for Hongkong) and I guess other stuff too. Due to the lack of investors, they need to get money from more advertisement in between.
Why viki isn’t getting the international version (~60min) for all dramas, I don’t know.

Yes, it’s true that the primary reason was the lack of Chinese capitals. But now China has relaxed its rules, I see much interaction, Chinese actors in Korean series and so on.
Still, now that the producers have found this goose with the golden eggs, even if they get Chinese money, they are not likely to step back from this annoying practice and will keep doing it. After all, the more (money) the merrier, right?


Yeah to my understanding it was also done so they where allowed to add commercial breaks in between as it isn’t allowed during the airing. That’s also why Kdrama use so much product placements in drama.

But talking about airing… Now there are even weekend Kdrama (The Rich Son) which only airs on one day so 4 eps (well actually just two) on a saturday. It’s so annoying that every broadcasting company uses their own method of airing these days.

Well compared to what they did in Germany (last time I was watching TV at least, that’s years ago) it is no big deal. 1 episode with about 3~4 breaks for advertisment resulting in sth like an hour over all. Only channels under public law (usually not that interessting) haven’t been allowed to have advertisement in between after 20 o’clock.
So I do understand they keep using this method. You get used to use that time for like getting sth to drink or go to the bathroom stuff like that :slight_smile: That’s why advertisment is usually louder than the rest, they know you’re going to leave the room

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