413 Request entity too long - a new Viki bug?

Since Friday I have this problem with Viki. I have no access to my page, I can’t open my inbox, I can’t click on the buttons for team members… each time I try, I get this error 413 “Request entity too long” and yes, I can’t even contact the help center, this request entity is too long.

So I asked around in the German community, but it seems I’m the only one with this problem. I can’t even log out, this request entity is too long. :sob:

I cleared cache, deleted cookies, my computer is quite new, Windows 10 with all updates…

Anyone here with the same problems?

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No, but this week I got a big update from Win 10 and can’t see the comments on channel and actor’s pages. I didn’t clear my cache and/or cookies yet (too lazy, other things are more pressing), since I have no trouble with other functions. I don’t use comments a lot, so I am doing without.

But your problem is quite severe, what browser do you use?

Hope things go well for you soon. Maybe it is taking so long because of security settings? Did you look for the time it needed for downloading other pages, I must say my profile page took the first place with almost 7 sec, that seems long, when I look at other things even subtitle editor only uses up 3 something secs.

I use Chrome and I just tried VPN with the epic browser and have no problems. I’m confused…
Fortunately I always copy the direct link into the editor of my projects, so I have access and can write subtitles and edit.

I have tried chrome once and for whatever reason it made everything draggy at my end, so I stopped and stayed with Firefox.

LOL little changes, big difference.

So I can work via Chrome, but for my inbox and team members e.g. I have to use VPN. Nice…


I used Firefox before but it just ate too much of CPU and battery… Im still using Opera in private although it’s probably a questionable browser since Chinese purchased it… but as long it’s viki it shouldn’t matter, or should it?

@somejuwels have you tried to turn off and on your internet or reset, I had problems last week but also with other websites. My windows had 5 days ago an update and so far no issues.

I don’t know. Never used Opera. For me the best performance is with the Firefox, so I stay with it. I can’t tell why some browsers work better for us and others don’t.

I have the same problem when I’m on Opera but not on Firefox.
Sometimes there is no problem for a week, sometimes it lasts a whole day.

I always use Chrome and I’m content, but this time something is off and I did not yet figured out what happened. I used Opera before, but only because of the VPN and since they changed the countries, it’s useless for me, so I deleted this browser from my computer.

And yes, I did a reset, turned it off and on, updated my security, checked the searching machines. Something is off with Chrome and Viki, I think.

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I have actually encountered this problem before about two months ago. Couldn’t access my profile page at all, giving me the same 413 error. It didn’t pose that much of a problem though, so I didn’t bother with it. Then, one day, I accessed my Viki account on a different computer using the same browser (Chrome) and I’m able to access my profile page. Subsequently, my profile page can also be accessed on the laptop I usually use.

Maybe you can try logging onto Viki using a different device (e.g. your mobile phone’s web browser) and see if it works? Or perhaps you can try using Chrome’s incognito?

Hope this issue is solved for you soon!