A Fan Channel for Shut Up Family is up for recruiting!

Hello, there is a new fan channel for a Korean Sitcom named Shut Up Family is recruiting for new subbers and segmenters! It was a sitcom (it comes out from Monday-Friday 30 minutes each) that was popular in South Korea last year. It is not licensed but Viki is still accepting its videos to get uploaded. Check out the first episode that is out! If you want to volunteer, please PM right away! Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please give me link^^ can’t seem to find it :frowning: i could help with the danish subbing ^^ :slight_smile:

I think that Viki hasn’t yet validated your channel…
Because we can’t go on ^^’

Okay! I’ll add you right away!

I believe that they have stated that it wil not be validated for a long time. But they are still allowing me to add videos so I guess when I add people as subber onto my channel they will be able to watch them too?

I think Kawaiie is right… I can’t add any team members even :frowning: i had lots of requests but cannot seem to add anyone :frowning: I guess I’ll re-ask them! Thx tho! :stuck_out_tongue: norzaman_agha I’ll contact you atm when it gets validated I promise!

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Okay <3 thank you ^^ xD

when you’ve got your channel back, I can help you with segmenting and also become an Indonesian moderator :slight_smile:

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oooh, i want to subtitle too!, please contact me when your channel get validated, i can translate to Spanish :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m new to segmenting and I was wondering if i could help out in segmenting for this.

Would you like to help with another variety show that has recently been validated?

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Would you like to help out with a new variety show named Match? this has been validated!

Sure~ anytime ^^

ill add you atm :slight_smile:

Everyone~Please check out Match, a new Korean Variety show that HAS been validated and is in desperate need of help~ Thank you lovlies

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Can i help with english subs? let me know :smiley:

Hello! I would like to help with English to Danish sub, if that’s possible :slight_smile: