A great movie needs help: "Hello, Brother" Channel management needed!

Hey guys,
So my favorite film is finally getting a proper release on Viki but seems to need help

Not not is the title wrong and incomplete on Viki but it needs a channel Manager
to show it some love

Movie: Hello Brother

Nine-year-old Hani (PARK Ji-Bin) is a troublemaker who isnโ€™t afraid of anything. A precocious punk, his school friends are all his underlings, and even his family members are under his control. He especially considers his elder brother, HanByul, who often complains of being sick, his greatest target. Until one fateful day, HanByul collapses at home and is rushed to the emergency room and the worst nightmare for any parents becomes a reality - he is diagnosed with cancer. The film is based on a true story.

Revised romanization: Annyeong, Hyeonga
Hangul: ์•ˆ๋…•, ํ˜•์•„
Director: ์ž„ํƒœํ˜•
Writer: Kim Eun-Jung
Producer: Shim Bo-Kyoung
Release Date: May 27, 2005
Runtime: 95 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


I wondered what was so censorable about the romanized directorโ€™s name. :thought_balloon:

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me to although my goal of this post is just to hope a great Channel manger sees it and takes it on


Fingers crossed!:crossed_fingers:t5: Itโ€™ll happen, even amidst a busy holiday season. No worries. :blush:


Has anyone applied here yet i really wanna see this movie on Viki

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Bumping as this still does not have a channel Manager looks like

Iโ€™m not going to apply but as you can see there are many that has applied for it.

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well looks like this is no longer being dpne hpw often does that happen?

Lately, that happens a lot. No worries yet, though. In most cases, they come back later.