A language app where you can speak and write to learn a new language

Hello !

I just found a mobile app “Hellotalk” available on Applestore and Googleplay to learn foreign languages from native speakers. Apparently, you can voice talk and text them.
They say that “For Non Pro-members, you can contact 15 new people per day while up to 25 people can be reached if you suscribe to become a VIP member”.

I haven’t tried this app yet, I don’t know if it’s good or not but the reviews 4;2/5 stars seem good.
For people who want to learn a new language, it might help.
Here’s the link of their website (although it’s for mobile use) :


i had this program but first time that i used only speak with people that speaking the same language that me.
I practice more here than when i used this page.

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I had this app for a few months, and it really helped a lot when I met a friend on there. However, I have deleted my HelloTalk account because a lot of the users just wanted to find a date or someone to talk to. Koreans are really shy, too, so that didn’t help my situation.

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I have a question : is it possible that we teach a language that we know and the other part is also teaching us his language ? Or is it just one way ? Or do we have to teach our language in exchange ?

what is your language?

French why ?

i want to know.

This app is made for two people to learn each other’s languages. Let’s say your native language is French, and you’re learning Korean; your partner should be a Korean speaker and wants to learn French. You two will teach each other your languages.


Oh I see, so you have to teach to learn :open_mouth: Ok, thanks !

You don’t have to, but you should. It’s a language exchange app, anyway. :slight_smile:

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It sounds very interesting. But do you have to pay regular phone bills to talk (apart from the service itself), or is it via internet, like Skype and Viber? And even if it’s via internet, you do deplete the available monthly MBs on your programme, right?
Plus, cellphones are really bad to keep near your ear for too long, it should be avoided. Especially smartphones, they get really hot very quickly.
All in all, it would be better if this could be done via PC, from the comfort of your home. If there a website like that, where you can meet people and make appointments to talk (with Skype or any other similar platform), it would be great.

And also, the two people should be at least a little bit fluent in each other’s language, not complete beginners, to be able to have even a simple conversation, otherwise they won’t understand each other at all.

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Here’s a user review of the app : http://www.fluentin3months.com/hellotalk-review/

I read it quickly and :

  • it works with wifi, 3G, 4G connections like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp. If you have a not limited wifi connection in your household provided by your internet provider, it should be ok. I don’t know internet service supply other than in France xd so I can’t help you in this area sorry about that.

  • We can connect from a mobile or a tablet.

  • We can put on speakers mode like Skype.

For your last sentence, yea I think so.
Maybe there are people who can teach from point 0 and you can teach them from point 0 too.

I’m going to try this app.

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Cool ! Feel free to let us know your opinion (good or bad) about this app !
Be careful of strange people of course xd

Forgot to say that. I am installing the app and then came to say my opinion. Ah yes! I’m going to be careful. :+1::smile:

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I found the app useful. It automatically finds someone who speaks your language and the language you’re learning, of everyone who used this was what I liked best.

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