A moment that stopped your heart in a kdrama?

HAHAHA i cant believe when a moment comes out of the blue that your not expecting and the tense moment of the two characters (who where probably fighting and are mad) actually stare at eachother in the face for the first time and its JUST them,or maybe theyre squeezed in a tight corner for a sec, and you actually have to pause the video for a breathe xD ever happen to you guys? hahahah i sometimes have to gasp, pause and hold my hand to my mouth to stop from either screaming or remind myself to breath LOL. sometimes theyre not always mad and fighting but when they are…

i dont remember if there where any topics on this but i made it so that people can share there with me of the shock of it all and talk all about it, for us people who have no one to share these moments with LOL.


yes i agree with you… my part is like mostly when the girl has 2 people who likes her and they are fighting for her and im like holly shit, i need to pause this shit, than i take a few minute than play it … or when my 2 favorite people in the drama have a fight ( action )… or when the 2 separated lover’s meet again… im totally with you

Exactly this happened to me when I watched in a good way when they kissed. I stopped myself from screaming. Really sometimes I think :" what r u doing here? "

Oh and while watching beyond the clouds happened to me so often. Again when they kissed lol I think it’s often when they kiss

Ahhh watching God’s gift I end up screaming at my phone saying " don’t do that. NO"

LOL. I’m sure this has happened to me as well, but I’ll have to start making mental notes, because I can’t recall any specifics.

LOL guyz, its so true! you forget this is not real life and you wanna scream and jump up and down! hahaha im glad im not the only one xD there was a scene i was watching where the two where fighting really anger-ly(if thats a word) at eachother and then they went into a tiny closet and had a silent stare down. i was like GASP! OH WAIT A MINUTE!I WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS! i thought they were gonna kiss too…

LOL out of all the drama’s I’ve seen to date these scenes have been the ones I recall just stopping breathing…and going WHO IS THIS GUY!!!

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OMG you are so right. wait, pleaseeee remind me again where have you seen this guy in what dramas so i can eventually watch and have my breathe taken away too!

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No Min Woo in My Girlfriend’s a Gumiho trust me I’ve watched every drama and youtube clip I could of found of him after that…he was my Official First Obsession in the K-drama World I mean I liked all the dramas I had seen but he’s the first I can say I started coughs stalking in a purely educational way to find out more about him…LOL

HAHAHAHAHA seriously x.D i would too and im sure i will end up coughs randomly researching for things about korea and he will ahem, randomly pop up at no apparent time.

thanks! yaaayy thanks for telling me

I so know what you mean girl… this man was just everything in this drama. Like in who are you for me… hot second lead guy destroys everything

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh Kim Jae Wook yeah another one of my favs have you seen now let’s see if I can post the video



This is the moment that my heart stopped, I cried, shouted, insulted the writers, and asked WHYYYYYY???
The saddest escene I ever seen in a k drama. I cried during a entire week!!!


I don’t know why can’t see the image, but is froma the king 2 hearts when the evil killed the real guard!!!

Crryyy we just see black

the real guard? i’ve forgotten already. that was like the 3rd drama i ever watched.

There have been many heart stopping moments. i can’t remember them all.

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I recently had a lot of these moments while recently watching “My Love From the Star”, an example being this clip. For me, heart stopping moments are the ones where you’re heart is aching from crying or being too excited.


Nothing beats this scene. The feels, the acting, the music… it was perfect.

Coffee Prince


omg T.T can i cry again??? i just remembered that beautiful scene T.T ahhhhhhhhhhh what a show My love from the stars!!! ahhhk so good jbczgcbsdm! definitley a heart stopping moment. i love kim soo hyun.

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ahhh NOTHING. THANK YOU for putting this up!!! brings me back tear-tear makes me want to see it again. i WILL rewatch this drama. im in the process of finishing my current one to got back to this one.
coffee prince was one of the best classics ever out there. and very heart-stopping romantic. and one of the best kisses. i loved some of the beautiful parts to it, like when they were running around through that light-up fountain:

(they may not show the image, you might have to click on it instead.)