A neat question for y'all

have any one of you went to a drama, started watching it, then oh say aboiut the middle of the drama, you discovered you have watched it before?? funny part I forgot I did watch it, I guess about 2018, ao I will watch it to the end. really a good drama. so have you done that,


Not with a drama since I keep a list but movies, sure. Since I used to watch when I had time, I did not prepare but watch it and forgot to note it down.


@frustratedwriter :sweat_smile: you’ve got some editing to do, typos got your thumbs? On both quotes below :smile:

And, which drama? I’m interested.

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my fingers run too fast!! I will never let you go, its a cdrama

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Yes same. I recently put everything I remember in a list. Sometimes I watch something and go… wait a minute, haven’t I watched this before? If it isn’t on the list, then I add it. Also have to watch out if there are multiple versions of the story (Korean / Chinese remakes) :sweat_smile:

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Not the middle but I once was 3 episodes in a Kdrama and then some huge event happened in the Kdrama and then I realized I already saw it.

But it also happened that I thought I had watched something already but it turned out I was confused with all the promotion clips on YT and facebook.


my thing is I forgot to put it on my list!

Our Mary is an elderly and a quirky lady, me and others enjoy her posts even if there are typos… I wonder if at her age I’ll be still on a PC and active as she is, so… these typos I think are allowed :wink: Just remember when elderly had to learn new technology and cell phones… some still have a hard time, I do admire their efforts, not everyone is capable to adapt to such progress!

I don’t think we need a “fashion police” here… typos happen to professionals all the time… it’s the speed of life and machines still do not catch everything :wink:


thank you!! and not being able to see the keys comes into play here too… I will try to be more careful then. bur simi11, thanks so much for your response, made my day.



Thanks for the added information.

It’s funny that both post on two different topics belonged to @frustratedwriter and I happened to come across them while scrolling through topics of interest.

The correction was made with good intentions, this is Viki, people from many languages fan base here, and that’s why I took the time to post a response, in case english was not @frustratedwriter first language.

@frustratedwriter already acknowledged my responses, and answered my question of which show it was, there was a heart :heart: left on my comment.

I took it there was no offense taken.

No worries fellow fans, I am not a :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing:
(◠‿・)—☆👮🏾‍♀️ in fashion or other (人*´∀`)。*゚+


again a smiley left, no problem