A New Coming Drama "The Swordsman"

Hello everyone if you are a fan of top list Korean actor Jang Hyuk then you all know when it comes to his characters when acting he NEVER let you down. He is always at the top of his game be it a modern day movie or historical movie, Jang Hyuk is a powerful actor.

This September 2020 his new release drama / movie is called “The Swordsman” will be release around 17th of that month. I am hoping that Viki will get this movie I have put in a request for it and I hope you all here will please do the same. That is the only way we can try to get a drama / movie it take more than one person requesting or asking for it. So I do hope you all join me in this request of “The Swordsman” with Jang Hyuk as the main star. Thanks :smile:


A drama would be wonderful! However, “The Swordsman” is a movie. But fans can still request it.
Viki’s Title Request Form: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034633713-Request-a-TV-Show-or-Movie
Trailer posted by HanCinema
Official Trailer (English subs)
Filming of the movie wrapped in September 2017.


So instead of a drama it’s a movie with Jang Hyuk really make no different all I wanted was for anyone who is interest or like the actor Jang Hyuk to also request for it as I did. I am sure members know where to go to make a request, or even Google to learn more about it. But since you left all the information that ok as well.