A new drama I think

wasn’t this on here before? the gangster, the cop , the devil, it sounds so familiar. and I know I have watched it somewhere could you answer this

Can you give us the title or the trailer? Sounds interesting is it fantasy?

its called oh and yeah its a movie, The gangster, the Cop , the Devil its here on Viki

It could be since it was released in 2019.

It wasn’t on Viki bec I saw it at the cinema last summer.

It was a :muscle: movie lol

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and really I have praised asian dramas with being a lot better than the American ones, this one was terrible, I had to stop watching this today.!

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another one that looks familiar, was this on before? making of a king, its here on Viki now. but it looks so familiar.

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miss truth s est un drama chinois que jaimerai bien quil soit diffuser sur viki car je le trouve géniale.