A page for the Aaron lovers :D (Aaron Yan)

who loves this guy? i mean, i think we needed a topic for this. just for him. express your feels here. express them everywhere. fangirling welcomed.

new videos just released from “fall in love with me” and “just you” osts.




hottie! i loved him in just you! but it was a bit odd in fall in love with me. i loved his alias character and his music!

you know of any other dramas with him?

i agree, and actually was curious to his other dramas too. i know he was in one of the playful kiss’s taiwanese version (if im not mistaken.) it started with a kiss and they kiss again but i havent watched them. he was a side character tho. not main lead. i know he was lead in allot of other dramas that are older. havent heard anyone liking them much enough to talk about it here.

his music is beautiful. i really like “taipei dreamin” and “the next me” and well, all of the ost of fall in love with me, as much as the drama sucked :confused: the begining episodes were so good tho…

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I wanted to watch it started with a kiss but i feel like it’s going to be boring…

lots of ppl liked it or so i have heard… but i wouldnt want to watch him be a side character or 2nd lead :stuck_out_tongue:

why am i addicted to this song? lol

aaron and puff ^.~


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I’m addicted to watching them together Aaron :heartbeat: Puff

Because it’s gooood!

i know xDD they really made a good couple when they put them together. they match well i hope in the future they make another drama together.i also like their confidence with each other when working.

haha you too! i really love it i cant get it out of my head.