A "person" Who does not EXIST...is in my drama right now?!

I was checking in with the NSSA school on a drama I have and I found a person in Episode 1 who literally “DOES NOT EXIST”.

here’s the link, see for yourself:


They showed up, they tried to type in the chat box, they’re running around in there and…they don’t even exist.

It would be really nice if we had a way to stop people who aren’t part of the work here from entering the drama, but how on earth can you do anything with someone who LITERALLY DOES NOT EXIST WHEN THEY ARE HERE!

(shaking head) It’s a new one.

This vikier exists.
Her account is here:

Good luck!


I don’t agree with you about that Hong Hong person existing. This person doesn’t even watch dramas or anything in here. All you see that skeleton page that somehow gives this non existing people access to go inside our ST TD and even SE.

That picture very easily can belong to someone else. It really doesn’t mean anything. I have an anonymous non existing person/page adding subtitles in a drama that is completely LOCKED but yet, this non existing page/person can enter and add subs in my drama. GO FIGURE.

sorry, but that’s not the same person.

there is no _ in their nickname. I clicked directly on them to get to their profile and they do not exist AT ALL.

that is why I posted this with the link to the profile.

I also put in a ticket, but I thought I’d better tell others here because tickets will…“be some time” in any processing apparently.

I think Mary gave the correct profile.

A URL can’t show spaces (from the spacebar). They exchange it by showing “%20”

You might see numbers in a search results URL, too. Like, “%20” sandwiched in between words. That’s a form of escaping, too — it represents a space.

Same on Viki: if I’m looking for a drama that is called “Love me”

Love%20me = Love me

The username and full name are different:
-username = will be in URL so no space allowed. We can’t create a Viki username with space inside, I’ve tried already. So we can’t find “%20” in a Viki profile URL
-full name: Hong Hong (space allowed)

But it’s still weird that in the chatbox, it shows the full name “Hong Hong” and not the username “hong_hong”
My chatbox shows me username of people.

the avatar of the one in the drama is different. I found 2 honghongs. neither is the one in the drama. when clicked on, you get the link and the response I got.

they do not exist. period.

anyway - who knows what new bug this is. Or maybe there’s a server lag with new accounts, no clue.

I was just giving a heads up in case anybody else runs into this. so far, we seem blessed with anomalies sigh.

What about this one?

Oh! I forgot to mention this…
Maybe that person changed their username and as usual everything takes a loooot of time to fully be processed.

If someone appears on Viki, I’m sure they have an account therefore a profile.
So weird… the vikier you’re talking about doesn’t exist…
Sigh… We seem to have bugs everywhere lately :confused:

Hope the issue gets fixed soon :wink:

It’s weird.

*My avatar showing on Vtools has been frozen since 1 year whereas my current avatar you see is the one people should see.
So avatars to find someone are not reliable.

*Similarly, Idk if the names in history tab are updated in a timely manner to the new username we take later, joining Mary here about changing our username. Idk if the history tab is reliable to find someone who has changed username not a long time ago.
I’ve checked on an volunteer that changed username this year: the history tab takes into account the username change for contributions before we change username so it should be reliable?

=> you checked the history tab there to find the username? you can always show us a screen or a link?
Idk if the chatbox updates name on messages she previously wrote so I would not rely on the chat.

*This happening on nssa channels => you can always ask Viki to make it a designated channel to protect it and prevent this from happening again, but Idk if it’s convenient to add nssa potential ninjas later one by one and then remove them one by one once with their diploma. Idk how they manage recruitment in this case. The turnover is higher than classic channels :slight_smile: (hopefully)

=> we must have a profile to be able to volunteer on Viki, so it’s here, just that we haven’t found it yet or we’ve found it but we are not sure it’s this one.

=> the link with %20 in a profile URL can’t exist on Viki so it’s normal it shows an error message.

Spooky. I’ve got a similar intruder. Someone has taken over my fan collection The Boss Who Loved Me. It says: “Curator unknown” and the profile page is empty with only a social fake account with fake followers.

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