A question about a couple of dramas

aran& the magistrate, roof top prince. I am curious about the circumstances about these two dramas. 1. 3 full moons, 2 3 months. the way I understood these stories they had 3 full moons to find the answers or the truth. does anyone have any idea about this, the 3 months/3 ful moons??

I did not watch Arang & The Magistrate but do think it is based on the Lunar Calendar that was used then. The time for the moon to turn full again is a bit shorter then a month. So with our calendar it can happen that you see two full moons in one month, the so called blue moon.
For more info you should look up the topic of the Lunar Calendar.

The actual word for month is literally moon. The traditional chinese actually is moon. The transliteration is wol into Korean. The pure Korean word for moon is the same word we use for month.

@lutra Older people celebrate their lunar birthdays over the solar. We use lunar for memorials too.

didn’t consider differences as well, lunar calendar, , ok sounds good enough, and if i recall we had a blue moon last year, neat to find out stuff like this! thanks!

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I was wondering if it may have meant 49 days since in Korea there are a few shows where a spirit has 49 days to resolve any issues (find out who killed them, say goodbye to family) and if they fail they will remain a ghost or go to heaven/hell but if they succeed they can live again ( in certain shows)…I know in Arang she lost her memory and needed to find her killer

loved aran & magistrate, the oh my ghostness too searched for her murder too.

I di want to watch 49 days, but a possessed person? maybe I am looking at this one all wrong, I may still watch this in a few days. and get back to you about this

I still haven’t finished 49 Days since one of the actresses annoys me… I only started watching it because I love Ji Il Woo especially in Flower Boy Ramen Shop and High End Crush