A small rant about Second Lead Syndrome: BOF

hey guys i know it’s been a really REALLY long time since the immensely popular boys over flowers came out. I’m actually not a newbie to kdramas…the first one I’ve ever watched was LMH’s City Hunter and i can’t believe i put off watching BOF…i think i was caught up in other current dramas that i forgot about the one that has practically changed drama history. But getting to the point, I’ve finally finished it and i didn’t do anything but cry for a few hours…now that I’m fine, ill begin my rant loll

I absolutely loved ALL of the characters. I’m one of LMH’s biggest fans and i loved his acting but what SRSLY disturbed me was the god damn love triangle…dont get time wrong I LOVED THE CHARACTERS TO DEATH and each one was very thoughtful like GJP when he got hit by the car for ji hoo but i just didn’t understand why geum jandi fell for GJP!!! i get that when ji hoo left, she started getting closer to him but when he came back (which was really soon) he was still nice to her…if not maybe nicer cuz he realized that he likes her!!! there were so many times where GJP was really mean to her like in the beginning where he brutally bullied her…it wasn’t even cute i thought it was too extreme (especially when he tried to frame her for being pregnant) so realistically i don’t even know why the geum jandi would even acknowledge him in the first place even if GJP was trying to talk to her…cuz his love for geum jandi started in the 2nd episode and it was kinda weird how there was no development…so if u have read this far, i think u know by now that i didn’t really like GJP and i was rooting for ji hoo…

ji hoo had every good quality of a gentleman and i know the second lead doesn’t get the lead girl but they should have done something about it!!! I ACTUALLY DONT HAVE A LOGICAL SOLUTION!! cuz i wouldn’t have liked the fact of jihoo being with another girl but maybe gave a hint about how he moved on from geum jandi at the end…however, in the end, it still seemed like ji hoo liked her when he was saying that he could REPEAT his education UGH!!! r u kidding me!!! I JUST THINK HE WAS TOO NICE…TOO NICE TO BREAK MY HEART INTO A MILLION PIECES…I PRAYED THAT HE WOULD BECOME LESS NICE SO I WOULDNT HAVE TO SUFFER IN THE END LMAO…and what shocks me is how geum jandi never even thought of loving him after she got stuck up with GJP cuz to be honest, GJP was BARELY with her throughout the whole drama compared to ji hoo. once, he leaves Macau, another time he goes to another country for 6 months to take of the business and he also leaves to america for 4 damn yrs and literally, half of the drama, he’s locked up in his damn room. AT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE MOMENTS, JI HOO WAS WITH HER JESUS CHRIST!!! he understands her feelings (which even she knows), takes her out, god damn sings for money to buy her something, protects her, buys her shoes, lets her stay at his place UGH AND MANY MORE I CANT EVEN LIST THEM ALL!!! i think they focused TOO MUCH on ji hoo and the jandi plot like i srsly didn’t damn understand who she was going to end up with even until like the 20th episode it was all really fuzzy…till the 25th episode ji hoo was freaking there with her even when this guy lost his memory UGH GOD…WAS WITH HER EVERY SINGLE SECOND OMG!!!

i honestly think ji hoo/jandi had more cute and thoughtful scenes than GJP which made my second lead syndrome more and more virulent arghhhhh!!! do u guys agree that they had way more date-like scenes cuz i think so? if they established that GJP and jandi were a couple, they should have just showed more of their scenes with them but 70% of the scenes were of them fighting and crying…and after they fight and cry, ji hoo hopelessly but lovingly helps her…every time i thought that they would stop bringing fireman in and finally write in stone that GJP/jandi IS THE CONFIRMED COUPLE, i was wrong cuz ji hoo was there till the END!!! i felt like the writer couldn’t decide between the two pairings till the end ugh!
I’m not saying GJP’s love was not sincere…i just don’t understand why she didn’t fall for ji hoo during these times cuz she got over ji hoo basically when she saw him kissing seohyun…then why didn’t she get over GJP when he kissed the monkey girl? or when he told her to leave when she came to the foreign country to visit him after 6 months? or when he was jealous for no reason!!! LIKE SRSLY WTF he made mistakes so why r u still crying over him while mr. super-nice fireman is wiping ur tears away every second… please name one scene where GJP told jandi to not cry or when taught her something or said something sweet like ji hoo did (omg and ji hoo even taught her the piano and helped her overcome her shoulder problem) and hahahah -_- when she said ji hoo is her soulmate…dude WHAT…u love GJP ok fine i get it, go ahead!! U CALL HIM UR SOULMATE…DONT STAB ME BY SAYING THAT JI HOO IS UR SOULMATE BUT UR STILL GOING TO GET MARRIED TO GJP what even…I WAS VERY ANGRY AND KIND OF HAPPY AT THAT PART (i guess that was the least the writers could do for the audience)

they just portrayed ji hoo as a really really sad character and it made my heart break cuz they showed his failed love with seohyun and jandi and i think the death of his grandpa and how he can’t do anything in all of these situations but to give up jandi -_- UGH! and oh yeh yijung and gaeull…they didn’t even kiss???1 why do u leave me unsatisfied ugh!

but anyways, overall, i really liked it…i get why ppl went crazy over this drama and as always I LOVE LMH and his character in the drama…it was very bubbly and funny. second lead syndrome just hit me REAL REAL REAL hard in this and i thought ji hoo/jandi’s relationship was much more thoughtful than GJP/jandi’s which consisted more of fighting and crying.

im so sorry for the long rant….please comment ur thoughts and make me feel better lmao!!! my rant may seem funny but i just couldn’t help it…i know u’ll all understand cuz we, kdrama fans, have definitely experienced something like this!

I only watched about 6 episodes and then I accidentally found out who she ended up with at the end so I quit watching since I wanted her with the other guy you mentioned and also I got tired of the bullying since it is used so much in school dramas… I am guessing she ended up with the bully since that it how it is written in the web toon…***spoiler***I was really mad about the first episode where they bullied a guy so much he killed himself and then a few episodes later the lead girl was raped so I didn’t understand why people thought this show was so great… Guess it was mainly the hot guys that attracted most people

she was actually about to be raped when the other nice guy saved her…and yes, i totally agree with u…i was so annoyed throughout the whole thing…her love had no logical sense…especially cuz she is portrayed as a “brave” character, i dont udnerstand why she kept going to the bully even tho he rejected her many times…

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Actually I hasitated for a long long time to watch it, because a lot of people said they had 2nd lead syndrome and I’ve been there already, so I didn’t wanted to watch it. But than also a lot of people said it would be such a great drama, so in the end I watched it and was disappointed in various ways. Luckily I at least didn’t get any kind of 2nd lead syndrome, but if you have it… well I guess one always goes rampage inside and wants to shake the script writers like “why are you doing this!?”. Don’t worry I think it’s normal^^

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I tried hard to watch it because everyone was like “it’s SO good”, but when she woke up and found she had been given a makeover (complete with depilation) while unconscious and that was supposed to be “romantic” I stopped watching. I knew they would end up together because spoilers are everywhere after so many years, but it was sick. I feel sorry for the people who can’t tell romantic from deviant behavior.

They weren’t even that hot, just hyped to the stratosphere.

And they call me perverted for watching murders…