A Story... three words at a time

Let’s make a story… but these are the rules:

  1. Only three words per post no more no less

  2. You can’t comment back to back with yourself, you must wait until at least one person has commented after you did

  3. Your three words have to be related about the story, grammatically correct and appropriate.

  4. Be creative and Enjoy :smile:

When one of the rules are broken the next person can say the beginning of another story.

I’ll start:

There once was…

two handsome men


who were always

fighting for candies.

The most beautiful

candy was on

I mean to be a spoilsport. The first post after yours broke rule number 3. There is no point in having rules, if there is no regulation.

That is true I will regulate the rules a bit better. It was the first post so I over looked it, but that’s no reason to break the rules is it?

Let’s start anew :sunny:
In a land…

filled with despair

and also sorrow

where there was

a magical mirror.

Old prophecies spoke

about a forgotten

village in the

deep of the

magical old closet.

Children would say

"The land is

small but spectacular."