A training in English editing


I’m interested in English edition, not TE, not CE, but just as a simple editor without knowledge in Korean or Chinese, more like a newbie GE, but I need an experienced editor to edit after me and tell me what I’m doing wrong or what I can do better or maybe, I can just see the final edition and ask questions to the editors?

I know I have some progress to do in this field, so I’m ready to learn from an experienced editor on a Korean or Chinese drama. I’ll really try to do my best because I want to improve my English skills.

The thing is I’m now interested in editing novels that are translated in English, but with my level right now, I don’t think I’m enough efficient to take an English test and if I release a chapter with big mistakes, I won’t really be in peace and the author wouldn’t appreciate.
That’s why I’m really motivated to learn.

My luggage:
Score 17/20 Final high school English exam
Score 15/20 Final college English exam
Score 935/990 TOEIC - The Test of English for International Communication® (TOEIC) is “an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.”
Read a lot of books, webtoons in English and watch dramas with English subtitles.

My only request: I want to train on a Viki drama.
No TV reality show like Running man, no created content because it’s too much “English conversation” compared to what I need.
It can be a popular or not popular drama, I’m focusing more on learning the ropes than the content.
My availability: I’m working full-time in real life so it would be mostly 2-3 hours at night French time on week days (with exception if I have work at home) / 6 hours-12 hours on Saturday, same for Sunday when I don’t go out and work.

I wanted to look for a training in English editing in nssa, but I didn't see one, so I don't really know who I should contact and who will be enough kind to accept me as a newbie English editor...

So thank you for whoever will contact me to help me! It could be profiles I can contact or even an experienced editor who’s looking for an apprentice editor.

So also not subtitles from here at Viki?
You wouldn’t be interested in live editing with Skype (the way I’ve described it to you in the past)?

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I wasn’t clear in my post!

By TV shows, I meant TV reality shows like Running man which contain a lot of yes, no, short answer.
I’m looking for dramas where I can train (and not TV reality shows).

If it’s okay with you, I WANT to have your Skype sessions for editing training!!

Just thank you so so much to you and editors, you made me have a big genuine smile on my face. I felt really touched, these past few weeks have been really tough for me. So really excited to start something new with some editors :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kindness!

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