About QC Gift Notifications

I just want to share how I feel. I don’t like how QC Gift notifications are only sent through the website/app. As a grown up, there is times where I do not go into Viki at all, because I have a job to keep, family to look for and so on…

This is sadly the second year in which I have not been able to confirm my information in order for them to send me the gift and I just feel so sad. I know most people don’t pay much attention to this, but to me, that recognition has a meaning. It’s really disappointing that they do not send this type of notifications via email :frowning:

I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through this, and I wish they would think about this type of scenarios too.

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You only need to change the settings for what kind of content you want to get emailed and then you will see it in your email account too.


If you want to get email notifications you need to switch them on. Also Viki did send an QC newsletter where they mentioned the form. It was send a bit late though but I think Viki expects volunteers will regularly check their Viki inbox.

Hopefully you have more luck next year🙂

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They first send me the QC gift notification by email and days later through Rviki’s PM. I hope they still have time, and send you an email since I declined to get the QC gift. They can give you my gift if that’s possible bc I don’t want it.

I know that to you is not the gift what’s important but the recognition of your service as a volunteer. Please, don’t be sad it made me sad to read your post. I know that many viewers and many of us, myself included, appreciate your volunteer work at this site.

Please RakutenViki staff in charge of QC gift, if it’s possible, and you can find it in your heart
please do something so we can maintain our faith in viki site as the best and most fair. Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Hi @jimin_fever,

Thanks for writing in. I’ve reached out to you via PM. I’ll also see if I can look into why you may have not received that newsletter!

Viki Community Team