Actors & actresses photo shots

Why is it when I/we see our favorite actors & actresses, the photographers show them in a not so good shot? I like variety, yeah, not just suit & tie, hair just so-so. but some looks like a clown or someone just got out of bed. Maybe I am looking for professional, and I don’t see it. these young people in their acting career, it’s their life, profession and all. maybe I am the only one that thinks this, I am not judging, just wish it would be a bit more professional,

just hate seeing “all my kids” in a bad light

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That’s why it’s so important to be happy for others, appreciating their inner and outer beauty, as well as professional success. That way there won’t be any more news or photos like this, because it’s so much nicer when you are rooting for those around you to do well. Fighting, everyone !! :muscle:

I am happy for them, I enjoy all of them, its just that the photos just doesn’t show them in a good light is all. I am rooting for them, they are my “kids” yeah I 'dopted them, so this “mom” is fussy about how her kids look is all.I have seen a bunch of them grow up, some being hurt by others and all, yeah I stand up for them, fighting!!

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They usually go with more artistic photoshoots to look cool. The whole point is to stand out. Imagine if everyone just looked straight into the camera while sitting/standing. Where’s the fun in that? :wink:

What I do find hilarious though, is when they go so overboard with editing that they end up looking like a different person (and usually way uglier than they actually look). It’s quite puzzling actually…

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you are right nik_os, stand out, but c’mon at least look halfway decent, sure sexy is awesome, those guys with the six-pack ok, girls with the hair blowing,

yeah that’s fine, but some of the clothes they wear on their photoshoot, the ones I like are when they look in the camera and look so mysterious,

there’s one young lady, she has the most fantastic, beautiful eyes, and the ones turned and look behind their shoulders, yeah that’s fine but having them look like not themselves,

trying to look bad guy/girl? or trying something funny I hope I cleared this up, didn’t mean to say anything bad about these actors & actresses. all I meant be professional. they all are mighty fine anyway.

I wouldn’t stop watching or caring for them because of what they look like in a picture. what I look at is their acting capabilities