Actors' age differences in movies

Today I read an interesting article that mentioned this article/graphics about actors’ age differences in movies for “top” Hollywood actors.

All mentioned male actors are well-known and now quite old while their “love interest” within the movies stays around 30.

After reading it, I tried to remember a “top” Hollywood actor who is around 30 now and similar well-known like those mentioned in the article.

But I just couldn’t remember a single younger top actor atm.

I wonder if you have some in mind and how your impression about this topic is considering Asian movies/shows. Is there also such an age gap or do the actors have a more similar age?

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I’m currently watching Goodbye my Princess where she had a crush on her Teacher/Master. But since age is never mentioned I don’t know what the age difference would be.
In the movie Alexander Angelina Jolie plays Colin Farrells mother and she’s only 1 year older than him in real life.
(I’m also watching Secret Love Affair where she is 20 years older than her lover so it does go the other way sometimes)

Thanks for the examples. I will have a look at it :slight_smile:

@ Angelina Jolie and 1 year difference, that reminds me to movies/series that had often mother/daughter who could be only siblings.

Sometimes it seems to be more about an actors name than a realistic age difference, what is a bit sad.

In Ever Night, the male lead is around 18 or so in the story, while the female lead is a few years younger, but in real life, the actor is 19 years old and the actress is 26 years old. The ages aren’t a problem in the story, though. At least, they weren’t for me.

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