Adrian's Beauty Tips


I have the same type of skin you have, but it depends on the period, the season, my state and the food I eat.

My skin doesn’t like exfoliating, so I avoid doing it. Each time I do it, the next morning my skin is dry and peels off although I put tons of moisturizer, hydrating cream, serum because my skin doesn’t like it.

My skin doesn’t like makeup or cleanser, it dries it.
Same for shower gel product, shampoo product.

I’ve installed a free app to scan products.
When I scan the product, they give a mark and show us ingredients that are good and not good, big shot of proteins, too much fat or not.
Green > 50/100 and orange to red if <50/100.
Skincare products from brands I have scanned (brands you thought for the price it would be great for the skin) have a bad rating (around 20-30/100) because some ingredients can cause cancer or hormonal changes. The dose is not enough, but imagine everyday absorption added to other skincare products. It’s a Molotov cocktail.
When the rating is bad, the app suggests other products that have a better mark.
I installed the app for my mother’s phone and she scanned every skincare product she had, from handwash gel to toothpaste :rofl:

If I don’t use skincare products for some days but I drink enough water and eat vegetables every day, not too greasy food, my skin is still fine.

When I’m stressed or I don’t sleep enough, my face produces more sebum and so pimples for the part of my face that is usually oily, but it can be dry on my cheeks.

I try to eat lots of vegetables, nuts when I want to snack, dark chocolate and drink a lot of water when I’m in this state.