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Because I’ve always had skin troubles, I asked my mom what product I should use for a thorough scrub. But do you think she recommended me anything from the likes of Avon or perhaps L’oréal? Nope! She just said, “Use cornmeal to cleanse your face.” And I was like, “I don’t want to wash my face with corn.” :sweat_smile::corn: But you know what? It worked! It really did! I used to pay outrageous sums of money on these synthetic products when Mother Nature, as well as my own mother, had the solution all along.

In all seriousness, I genuinely recommend that you use cornmeal or maize starch for a natural and efficient way to clean your skin. Wash your face first and then, with your still wet hands, pick up some grains, gently rubbing your face. Rinse and dry. You can apply a moisturizing cream if your skin is dehydrated. I prefer a Marigold-based cream due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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What are effects of corn on your skin?
Do we have to use fresh and entire corn and for how long do we rub?
How often do you do it and from when did your skin get better?


It’s magical, definitely better than all the chemicals I’ve used in the past. My skin feels smooth and my pores clean. And please keep in mind that I have terribly sensitive skin. I don’t take these things lightly.

My mom handed me a bag of cornmeal, the golden maize starch used for various meals. You can find it in any market and supermarket.
After washing my face, I picked up a few grains with my hands still wet to make them stick and then I gently rubbed my face for a few seconds. Rinse and dry. The effects can be felt immediately.

Ummm… I say try it once. If it’s not for you, then don’t use it again. Nothing bad can happen. I mean, my face didn’t turn red or anything, just the opposite. :grin:


Thank you for sharing this. i believe i mentioned this before: my grandma, all her sisters, and my mother ,used rice water to wash their face at night and they looked younger than their age. It requires a bit of work, but i think is worth it. You take a cup of rice and add a lot of water put it by the window for 3 days. After 3 days, take the water to wash your face at night (discard the rice) and don’t dry your face.

I am glad I found a natural source for exfoliation. I have tried several and they burn my skin I will try the cornmeal as soon as I buy it (to think the other day I was food shopping). I’ll keep up to date on the results.


Does it matter whether it’s white rice or brown rice?


It’s a nice idea but I guess not possible for people with allergies towards certain food products.

So while some may not have any problems with more natural ingredients other might need more chemical ones for not getting allergic reactions.

I’m mentioning this in case someone is not aware that being unable to eat certain products or getting allergic reactions from certain products could also cause allergic reactions when one put the (or a similar) product onto the skin.


Yes it does bc the white rice makes your complexion with prolong use much lighter, and I have no idea what effect the brown rice will have in your skin since we have never tried the brown rice. I don’t recommend you use brown rice.


Cornmeal is gluten-free, so it should be all right for most if not all people to eat, let alone simply wash their face. But as you’ve mentioned, it should be a case-by-case scenario. All I can say is that it worked for me, and I have sensitive and dry skin.


Wow, I didn’t know that. Thank you. :grin:


The cornmeal acts as an exfoliant or peeling to remove dead skin and residue.
But when it come to corn in the US about 90% of corn is genetically modified (not the hybrid or other modification within plant dna) plus GMO’s are sprayed heavily with glysophates (chemical) that are not washable and are very toxic, in Europe I believe this product is banned.

These food products you can also use to exfoliate:

  • oatmeal, mix with warm water and massage it softly and rinse with lukewarm water, it has
    also healing properties and it good for sensitive and problematic skin like eczema.

  • in the 80’s Body Shop (when it still was under original owner) was selling grounded Adzuki
    beans peeling, only beans and nothing else, you mix it with a bit of water and massage it
    softly and rinse with lukewarm water, you can buy dry Azuki beans and grind them in coffee
    grinder and it’s the same.

  • ground almonds would be also a healthy exfoliant, apparently it lightens the skin

  • also a mud mask or diatomaceous earth is perfect to exfoliate and cleans

As we know commercially produced peelings contain plastic beads that pollute our waters… it’s also in some facial wash gels… I use only goat milk or african black soaps also on my body now wash gels or shower gels

Let me know if anyone tries thos :wink:


What is your skin type?

Is it exfoliating your skin or is it against acne?


Mine is a combination. I’ve tried every product under the Sun, but they turned out to be expensive and worthless. I’m going old school nowadays. I’ve also tried ground coffee beans to clean my skin. It’s just as awesome. Of course, it’s also important to use a moisturizing cream. I prefer plant-based ones.


That’s horrible. Where I live, cornmeal is life itself. During the Spring lockdown, people bought cornmeal by the truckload.
I haven’t tried oatmeal yet, but a friend of mine suggested grounded coffee beans.


Is it new ground coffee beans or used and/or dried ones?

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If you have dry or problematic skin ground coffee might not be the answer as it also removes oil. I personally just know ground coffee as body scrub (also for celulitis).

I have a shampoo that contains concentrated coffee and it helps my graying hair dyeing sort of dark blond Plantur 39 (color brown) I should def try the ground coffee on my face :blush:


When I was very young I was living in my island of puerto rico, and for unknown reason (never went to a Dr.) I used to get conjuntivitis (PINK EYE). It was not allergies for I wasn’t sneezing or anything like that, I just woke up with my eys shut full of disgusting stuff. My paternal grandmother would make black coffee let it cool and give it to me to wash my eyes with it. She always told me to let it go ‘‘in’’ to my eyes. To this day, that’s what I used for pink eye and during the pandemic for who knows what reason I would get a lot of eye infection (pink eye) when I went out so I always had my coffee ready to wash my eyes when I came from outside. I think black coffee is better than chemicals made eyes drops so I (and my famly too) use that instead.


They have the organic cornmeal which is the one I bought. I tried oatmeal with terrible results bc my face got so itchy and it last for days. Never again.

The mud mask (from different parts of the world) makes my skin very irritated and red so I can’t use it either.

Ground almonds would be out of my budget they’re so expensive now (don’t understand why).

I do use the African black soap but lately I can’t find it in my area and on line is very expensive compared to what I use to pay before.


I cant pass this by… with cornmeal I make sorullitos ( adding a bit of saltsalt) with bacalao, and sorullos dulce filled with cheese Yummy yummy. I’m getting hungry lol


Just washing my face with water and nothing more leaves my skin dry and itchy. I always apply a moisturizing cream afterwards. As I mentioned in my initial post, I use a Marigold-based cream due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

PS: Now I’m hungry :drooling_face: :sweat_smile:

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I just used ground beans from a store-bought coffee bag, nothing special about it. Just as with the cornmeal, it did the job well. Of course, you shouldn’t do this every single day. Exfoliating daily isn’t recommended, after all.

PS: Should you try it out, apply a moisturizing cream too if your skin is usually dry.

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