Ads can be annoying

I feel like there are way too many ads. Not even official sites do this many and I feel that it’s just a waste of time to watch boring ads 9 times. Which basically is 27 ads in total, considering how many STOPS there are and how many ads pop out in each section. I mean, we can all tell that not even TV does all these ads. I think viki should take out the ad breaks and change them to at least 3-4 stops. I understand that there are those that go “just be thankful for the subtitles” or “You’re just being plain stupid or shitty or WHATEVER” but truthfully, you guys probably feel the same way. It’s not ONLY me. The ads just give too much work to viki and it’s just too much to handle.


I see no ads :slight_smile: Download Adblock and you’ll never have to see an Ad again on Viki (also Youtube).

Far from making me wanna buy the product on the ads I just hate it now … it’s really annoying to have the video interrupted so many times. I understand that that’s the way viki lives being a FREE site so i’m not complaining about the ads it’s just that there’s a lot of them I think it will be great to shortened the amount of breaks during a video. I don’t really know if that’s possible but please.


Is been months since i watched a ep. of a drama, so i comeback when they put the new design, is a really good design and they improved so many things BUT i’ve been watching Marry me Mary! and is already like the 3rd time that i get an interruption, i get it, is a free site, but i think they should REALLY fix that, because is annoying, they should put every ads at the start, so we don’t get the interruptions everytime.

That’s a bit excessive. I’d think a normal max would be like 7 breaks for an episode of a Korean drama; that’s like once every 10 minutes or so - which is reasonable, and I think lots of legit streaming sites do something like that.

But if you’re getting 27 an episode? Are you talking about per episode by the way? You might want to send in a ticket to the help center and have them look at it. Because it might be some kind of bug or something…

I use Adblock too, but the ads always appears. Can you tell me how config that for not having ads ? I’m agree with the fact that’s annoying and every 5-10 minutes… i’m bored.