ADS now all over - DISQUS ones? some are pretty bad!

Suddenly today we have a number of ads popping up - doesn’t matter, I have vikipassplus - and getting them on Team Discussion boards and throughout the site.

Any chance we could have those removed (again)?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

A discussion regarding this topic can be found here (new Bugs & Issues section):

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thank you. I don’t go over there, this is the only board I have time to find my way through. two boards = too much to try to find anything.

I reported it , received a reply from Mariliam. The ads aren’t supposed to be there. Viki’s working on getting them off.

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those ads are very questionable but I use Opera without the ads, I’d be very mad if I saw those, what is Disqus now???

I hope they will fixe this soon.
Thank you

Aaaahhh… That’s why I never saw any. And I was wondering what this thread was about… Completely forgot about Opera’s adblocker. I have disabled it for viki, as viki wouldn’t work with the adblocker, but it seems that disabling it for viki doesn’t disable it for disqus as well.

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@simi11 Disqus is the platform that tons of websites, including Viki, use to manage their comment system.

For the record, the official reply a day ago from the support thread:

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We have been on a no-ads plan with Disqus for many years, but a recent change on Disqus service turned on ads for Viki without our knowledge. We’re currently looking into this and awaiting Disqus reply to take action and remove ads from our site.

I sincerely apologize for the questionable content of these ads, but right now we’re not able to even edit what gets served to our users. We expect this to be solved in a few days.

Please let me know if you have any other questions at the moment.


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lol @xomachi, I know what disqus is, I wanted say “what is becoming of disqus now” (that it shows such ads :slight_smile: )
And I read Mariliam’s answer already, I bounce from here and there…
PS I personally don’t like disqus were you have to register with them in order to comment on other websites that uses this tool for commenting, it’s too transparent and there is this huge footprint, and just doesn’t give a good vibe. (sort of FB of comments)

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