All the messages in my inbox are gone!

Not here on in the forum, but my regular viki inbox is totally empty. Is there a time or space limit or something? Is is normal for Viki to delete all of someone’s messages? This is quite frustrating, because I use my inbox and sent folders to give me an idea of how long ago I sent out a message, who I sent it to, etc., in case I need to resend something to someone who didn’t respond.

Same here, I think it must be a bug, please report it, I don’t think we are the only ones.

Ditto. Mine are all gone as well. I have reported it as well.

All my sent and received messages plus notifications are gone. Also, I can’t send messages to anyone at all. Had this problem before. Everything reverted to normal the following day. I’m hoping it’s the same this time, too.

At one point, I was even kicked off the site. I sent the message to viki already, so I’ll wait and see what happens. I hope that’s also the case for me, too, that it gets resolved quickly.

Same problem here :frowning: I’ll report it too…

It happened to me too. I JUST RETURNED TO VIKI MESSAGES AFTER MY COMP WAS BROKEN FOR A MONTH. Is it the case with you guys too? Cuz I probably have many messages left unanswered.

I still got one message notification to my email inbox before I noticed the problem, but none since then. I think if we wait a while, and we’re lucky, it’ll all revert to normal like @terata1 said, because surely enough people have reported it by now for them to fix it soon.

Same with me, and I can’t message people or access “manage channel”

I’m back in business. Check yours out.

hi, me too.

Everything’s fine for me…

Hey everyone! It’s Kristine from the Viki Help Center =) We’re really sorry that this happened, but it should be fixed now. If you experience any other bugs or have any questions about Viki, definitely feel free to let me know or to write in to the Help Center! Thanks! :slight_smile: