Am I doing something wrong?Subtitles are NOT appearing in any of the drams I try to watch,

Please help me as I cant see any subtitles in any of the drams I watch, I have a viki pass but the subtitles arent appearing even in the dramas I have watched, so Please advise me why this is happening, thanks you very much in advance xx

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Maybe it’s only a bug and will be gone in 1-3 days …

That would be the easiest, right?

What sometimes helps:

-refreshing the video,
-switching the subtitle language and then switch back to English subs
-try another browser

This might help, but also might not, sorry.
In that case make a request to the help center, tell them what device you are using and what system and browser. Hope you will get rid of this problem soon.
Take care

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I will try what you suggested thanks…

oh thanks I went into my settings and noticed it was blank so put English in and now works. oh thank goodness that is for sure, resorted to trying to watch something on another site but the buffereing terrible ahhaha you saved the day thaniks again xx

You are welcome^^