Amazing short webtoon story

Hello, I wanted to share this little story full of mystery, love, and very cute drawings. Short synopsis a girl has a recurring dream in the dream a boy always appears, one day she meets him in real life, but let’s say she isn’t happy about that. Why?. If I left you intrigued I leave the link below.

Also recommend webtoon. Thank you.


It’s so strange! I had the same conversation just yesterday :open_mouth:

  • These are webtoons I appreciated, some are not complete yet:

I Love Yoo: Love

Ecstasy Hearts: Tennis, Love, Drama, Psycho

Midnight Poppy Land: Love, Mafia

Freaking Love: Love, Fantasy

Let’s play: Game, Love

My Dear Cold-Blooded King: Historical, Love

True Beauty: Love

Lookism: Highschool, supernatural power, sometimes creepy

Kubera: fantasy

Magician: fantasy

SubZero: fantasy, love, past era (recommended by one volunteer!)

  • Planned to continue later (I had to choose what to read first lol, will continue later these ones!):

Orange Marmelade: Vampire, Love (I forgot if it was highschool or middleschool)

Noblesse: Vampire, Highschool

I’ll be checking the short story, it is indeed very short!

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How can I read the webtoon you mentioned? When I click on your link I got on the mainpage with couple of webtoons in a list but I don’t know which one is the one you mentioned?


Thanks for sharing this page I didn’t know it yet but it looks cute.

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It’s called Shattered moon? It shows 1 chapter when I click on it.

You click on “The dream”

thanks for the recomendations, yes shattered moon is in emission jeje

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Where is the next chapter? (LOL, it is too short!)

I know but if im honest i’m one of the creators the next episode will be out in one or two days. What do you think about the first one?

sure but with respect jaja

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Yo, you more or less read everything I do :joy: There is only two missing:

I really, reaaaaally hope Viki hops on this bandwagon soooon!

Dear @vikicommunity, :wink::wink::wink:

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woo Thanks, I really appreciate that you took the time to write what you liked and your thoughts, and you’re very right, in the next episode we will add more of the context, and the names of the characters, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes, we upload it again taking in consideration your first impression message.

To make the difference between what she is dreaming and real-life more obvious we opted for this change of style, perhaps the change was a little bit too much but at this point, it is too late. We hope that although you didn’t like the art you might find the story interesting. :smile: Thanks for the thoughts.

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The next chapter is going to be out tomorrow.

Wow that comic is on another level, and yes it reminds me a lot of what is happening today. For sure I’ll read it.

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@piranna @sonmachinima

I think I should interfere, first I really appreciate both critics and your thoughts, and yes I made the post knowing that I would get comments, and it’s okay because it helps you to grow and learn. But now I think it´s going a bit too far, I don´t only create the post to talk about Shattered moon, I also wanted to talk about other webtoons because many dramas are been inspired (based) on them like love alarm, itaewon class, etc. I wanted to have a conversation about that too, so let’s forget about that and have a nice and fun time. :grin:


No you don’t have to erase your comments, it’s okay don’t worry