Webtoon Recommendations?

Okay, so I wanted to know if anyone out there reads webtoons and if you have any recommendations. I don’t care if they’re Originals or on Discover. I’ll put some below that I did like.

My All Time Favorite:

Some Other Ones I Liked So Far:
-April Flowers
-Age Matters
-I Love Yoo
-Siren’s Lament
-Odd Girl Out
-The Second Lead Syndrome

Some Fun Ones I Like to Read Occasionally:
-3 Second Strip
-Sarah’s Scribbles

What I Didn’t Like:
-Let’s Play
-Mage and Demon Queen
-Tower of God


I do remember someone posted here about a webtoon … Ah, here it is:

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Here are a few webtoons I highly recommend:

  • Sub Zero
  • Freaking Romance
  • Lost In Translation
  • Days of Hana
  • UnTouchable - Cdrama based off of this is called “I Cannot Hug You”
  • Orange Marmalade - Kdrama based off of this has the same name
  • Good Day To Be a Dog

Note: some of these webtoons only show a few chapters and require you to wait to read more of them, so… Yeah… Just a heads-up. I also recommend reading the webtoon before watching the drama. Hope you like them…


I’ve read the last three maybe I’ll try the other ones. Thank you for the recommendations.

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I think you should try “Always human”. It is my favorite webtoon of all time. I hope you enjoy it. :blush:

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i like one called “a guide to proper dating” its really funny and a tad addictive.

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I’ve had a few I’ve followed but for some reason the only one that stuck was “Lookism” since I tend to read novels more than webtoons. It does have quite a bit of bad language in it so if you don’t like that you may want to avoid it! It’s still on-going.

Synopsis if you’re interested: “Lookism is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Park Tae-joon. It was first published online weekly on Naver WEBTOON since November 2014. The story revolves around a high school student who can switch between two bodies—one fat and ugly, and the other fit and handsome.”

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I’ve been reading these ones over the past few days:

  • Killmax
    (In short: a witch + influencer. I’m excited about this one because it’s been a long time silentmaru, the author, wrote something and I love his artwork)

  • Your Throne
    (Swap bodies, empire, struggle for power, strong female lead. Unpredictable twists, not a simple love story)

  • The remarried empress
    (Emperor, his wife and the mistress)

Catching up with:
Freaking Romance: I don’t know where this goes, but last chapters were damn scary! Excited for next chapters. This one is original.

True beauty. The big trick they do in dramas, it was promising until the 180-degrees turn in the love story.

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Oh no! I haven’t been up to date on my webtoons lately, but I did like what I’d read so far. Ugh, it was one of my favorites, but I don’t know, maybe I’ll be able to handle it. I’ve also heard there is going to be a kdrama adaptation, so I hope this version is going to be better for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will wait for reviews to see if they changed the story before starting watching.
I don’t have high hopes, because the majority of next events evolves, following this 180-degree turn. Like it’s too big to be ignored!
If they change it, I don’t know what they will talk about in the second half or 2/3 of the webtoon.

It will be another remake of the webtoon!

Who knows, will see!

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You should also try reading At Arm’s Length,True Beauty, The Remarried Empress, Acception, Down To Earth, Your Smile is a Trap, Edith, Freaking Romance, Lore Olympus, Socializing 101, Midnight Poppy Land and That Awkward Magic. I hope you enjoy one of them :slight_smile:

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