An out of the blue survey

Did anyone else get a survey at their e-mail account?

About how satisfied one is while contributing?

What Viki did good and what Viki did not as good?

I don’t know if it’s Corona or Eastern or both together my mind just went blank. Last night I first read the mail, I thought I am not awake enough for a survey. This morning I read the discussion forum first, about French vikibot resurrection, I know it is Eastern, but …

I guess the amount of sleep was simply not enough, so these informations are melting slowly together in my brain and I am thinking, thinking, still thinking …

What about you?

I haven’t checked my email this week, but I did get a survey some time ago, just a short one about what I liked about volunteering. I don’t remember exactly when but I think it was before Corona left Asia, so it’s probably not because of that or Easter.

Easter was related to me, I have too much on my mind, so answering a survey right now is not the first thing on my list.

Btw … Is this a new “feature”? It’s at the bottom of this thread.

This topic will close 7 days after the last reply.

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Ah, I see. Good luck with everything you need to do. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it on some other threads too. I just assumed that the person who started the thread had somehow set it that way, but apparently not.

auch bekommen und andere subber auch

A very unfortunate planning on Viki’s part to send a request for the VikiBot corrections and the survey at the same time :laughing:

Yes, the bottom thing (7-day expiration) is quite annoying. Something to put into a survey perhaps? :smile:


I received both the survey and the request for the vikibot corrections. Viki does love me a lot !:joy:

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I began to notice the seemingly random attachment of this 7-day window notice a few weeks back, but it’s not on every discussion thread — I’m really curious as to the criteria for it being attached? Is it, indeed, random? Or do the Viki moderators independently decide which topics get this limited time-frame?

@jeslynl May we ask for the criteria and explanation for this new feature? Thanks!


I’m thinking that, facing the giants of streaming (Netflix, now Disney, …) and the claims of a lot of viewers about the slowness of certain translations, Viki is considering new ways for its application. I presume that the claims must have increased with all the people forced to stay at home because of the covid-19.

But do Netflix and the rest also use bots to translate?

Either way, I think there’s a big difference. On Viki you can watch a whole lot of shows for free, and even without an account. While waiting for subtitles of one show, there are enough other shows to watch in the meantime. So what right do users have to be so impatient? Better wait a while for high quality subtitles than rush into shows with bad subtitles.


Ah, I think it’s not Viki who’s pushing the application of the bot, but their parent company Rakuten.


NX has human translators. At least for Korean shows. All the “hyungs”, “unnies” etc. are converted to personal names :joy:


Haha, bots can have personal names too. Sophia is even an “official citizen” of Saudi-Arabia:


Kind of creepy, I must admit :smile:

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If you try to change the topic’s category from “Volunteering” to another one, does the message disappear or no?

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@piranna Changed it but stays the same …

You can create a link to this topic to a new one where you pick another category?
People can continue to answer like that.
I think it’s the volunteering category.

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This “delete after 7 days” thing sucks. There are many very good old threads which deserve to be revived from time to time. Why close them?


Just remember- I think about 99% of the “innovations” at viki come out of the technical/engineering side and NOT out of community support who deal with users and volunteers. It’s not as though anyone is clamoring for these changes among users or volunteers.


I totally agree. It would only be good for threads that literally have an expiration date, like recruiting for an upcoming drama. But in that case, the person who starts the thread (or whoever has the tools to do so) could delete it when the team is complete.
Any other thread might arouse the interest of future users. Or old users might suddenly remember it and want to turn back to it.
Of course, as long as we keep posting on the 7 day expiration threads, the 7th day after the last post will never come and the thread will stay. :slight_smile:

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