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Hey vikiers,
How have you been, As you read the topic here we can discuss about all webtoon or comics you read.
Let me start by mentioning few of my favourite web comics like:
(They are just randomly sequenced not according to rank :wink::hugs:)
a.Sweet Home
b.Not even bones
c.Rot and ruin
d.Ghost theater
a.To love your enemy
b.True beauty
c.Siren’s lament
d.Freaking romance
a.Boyfriend of the dead
b.Your smile is a trap
…and many more
There are tons of other comics that i read and above are only a few like i am recently on the first night with the duke and the comics which are updating
please mention your favourite and recommendations or if you want to share reviews about any comic please do, i am eagerly looking forward to it :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::grin:


I like romance and comedy and I recently discovered Scorching Romance and omg it’s amazing, y’all should really try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m also reading True Beauty, To Love Your Enemy, Phase, I Love Yoo, SAVE ME. All these are amazing to be honest :star_struck:


How is save me ,as i m thinking of reading it could you please tell how it is


As you may know it is based on BTS storyline. I think it’s a great way to fully understand their past MVs. The webtoon itself is really well done but it ends as if there was going to be some continuation. I (and many more people) really hope to have more :pensive:. If you are an ARMY, I think you should definitely check it out!


I am an army but ,is it like sad ending where someone dies or something bad happens cause then i wouldn’t stop thinking about it .
By the way thanks for telling :relaxed::relaxed:


The ending is not clear to be honest… It’s sad and at the same time gives me hope. It’s actually amazing :milky_way:


Is anyone currently reading masked fables,
Well, i am reading it but it is getting confusing as each chapters updates but it is overall quite intresting like there is a mysterious scroll with 12 or 13 riddle and aru ,a girl with incurable illness tries to solve the riddle to find her spirit friend hadley’s lost body .
Here’s the synopsis

With no memories and a mysterious illness consuming her, Ari must follow the clues of an old riddle that could possibly help her spirit friend Hadley recover his lost body. Little did they know, each riddle will lead them to a new kingdom full of familiar characters. As these fairy tales take a twisted turn, Ari’s own story begins to unravel…